Anyigba: Growing Under A Wise King

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Two decades ago, a young man ascended the throne of his clan, he was at the prime age of Thirty Two (32).
Consequent upon the antecedents of his predecessors and the circumstances that surrounds his ascension to the throne, many people doubted the ability of this young man to salvage a town on the verge of collapse.
His name is Prince Abuh Shaibu Okolo.
The burden of redeeming the future of a great but volatile town called ANYIGBA was thrown on the shoulder of the young, inexperienced, but determined young man.
He was left to swim out or get drowned.
And onĀ  the 16TH OF FEBRUARY 1998 exactly 20 years ago, PRINCE ABUH SHAIBU OKOLO was CORONATED as the OGOHI ANYIGBA by HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, ALHAJI DR. ALIYU OBAJE OON, CFR, of blessed memory.
As a young king, he embraced the young and elderly, he listened to their counsels with an amazing patience and with astonishing wisdom he distilled the truths and put them into action.
With a blend of the ancient Monarchial firmness and Modern Democratic candour, he humbly held together the strings on which the volatile town of Anyigba swings.
HRH Alh. Abuh Shaibu Okolo became a pivot whose tentacles spreads widely and firmly within and outside his domain.
The scintillating story of the successive peace which have triggered the speedy growth and development of Anyigba revolves around the amazing wisdom and vision of the young King.
In reciprocation of the redefinition of leadership by the OGOHI, and reawakening the confidence of the people in the traditional institution, the Late Atta Igala,
Dr. Aliyu Obaje deemed it fit to add the title ONU-ANYIGBA to his existing tittle of OGOHI-ANYIGBA, hence he became OGOHI-ONU ANYIGBA.
Apart from the wise and efficient ways that he handles domestic matters, the OGOHI-ONU ANYIGBA have been able to suppress series of organised crimes from the reign of Armed robbery, through that of Thuggery to the inter and intra fraternal clashes, to the waves of trade unions leadership crises, to unending political rivalries, to high spate of kidnapping, to University students unrests. He took them all in strides and in an exceptional display of wisdom and determination brought them all under control and made lives and properties more secure and better for the inhabitants of Anyigba community.
To this great leader of men, his TWENTY YEARS ON THE THRONE OF OGOHI-ONU ANYIGBA has been indeed eventful.
The good people of Anyigba community are very proud of you.
We wish you more Fruitful and Impactful life on the throne.
– Prince Adamu Ibrahim Alih.

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