ANSA Launches Anthology of Diverse Voices to Promote Nigerian Literature

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By Stephen Adeleye.

The Association of Nigerian Student Authors (ANSA) has launched anthology of voices to promote Nigerian literature, titled, “100 Days of Stories”.

Speaking on the initiative on Wednesday, the Founder/CEO of PENKUP International, Dr. Kennedy Obohwemu, said the analogy was launched Virtually on May 11, 2024.

Obohwemu, a multiple international award-winning author, said the anthology was a testament to the passion and creativity of Nigeria’s literary community.

He noted that the PENKUP International, played a pivotal role in bringing the anthology to fruition, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to promoting Nigerian literature on a global scale.

He emphasised that the “100 Days of Stories” was the collection of stories brought together a diverse array of voices, celebrating the richness and depth of Nigerian literature.

“The event featured author readings, interactive sessions, sparking meaningful conversations about the themes and messages explored in the anthology.

“Writers and poets from across the nation gathered to celebrate the power of storytelling and the beauty of Nigerian literature.

“100 Days of Stories showcases a diverse range of voices and perspectives, exploring themes such as love, identity, resilience, and cultural heritage.

“From poignant narratives of loss to lyrical expressions of hope, each story offers a unique glimpse into the human experience, reflecting the richness and complexity of Nigerian society,” he said.

Obohwemu commended ANSA’s collaborators: the National Association of Young Authors (NAYA) and the Global Association of Young Authors (GAYA), for their invaluable contributions to the project.

Also speaking, the National President of ANSA, Maymunah Kadiri, commended the collaborative efforts in bringing ‘100 Days of Stories’ to life.

Kadiri said the analogy was launched to showcase diverse voices with the aim of celebrating Nigerian Literature, describing it as a significant milestone in the literary landscape.

She emphasised that the anthology, which featured works from ANSA/PENKUP Ambassadors Mukhtar Abdulazeez and Jemilat Abdulkadir Ileji, was a testament to the talent of writers at ANSA.

She reaffirmed the collective commitment to fostering creativity and celebrating their literary heritage.

According to Kadiri, the launch of ‘100 Days of Stories’ shows ANSA’s continued journey to promote Nigerian literature and empower aspiring writers.

“As the anthology continues to garner attention and acclaim, ANSA remains committed to supporting emerging talents, fostering creativity, and amplifying diverse voices within the literary community.

“Plans are already underway for future projects and initiatives aimed at further enriching the Nigerian literary landscape.

“In a world where stories have the power to transcend boundaries and unite people from all walks of life, ‘100 Days of Stories’ stands as a testament to the legacy of Nigerian literature.

“Through its pages, readers are invited to embark on a journey of discovery, empathy, and connection, forging bonds that transcend time and space.

“As ANSA looks ahead to the future, the anthology launch serves as a reminder of the transformative power of storytelling and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead for Nigerian literature,” Kadiri said.

She commended PENKUP International, the main sponsor of the event for its generous support towards the success of the project.

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