Ankpa 2023: Hon. Abdulrahman Idris, The Right Man For The Job

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In a fast globalizing and competitive world, the imperative of choosing a leader who is imbued with physical and mental energy to drive a constituency affair, can not be overemphasized.

The new search for leadership has gone beyond looking for those who are inept and unproductive, leaders who build on sandcastles.

The prime parameter for leadership now is to scout for a person who can make achievable realizable.

Kogi, the confluence state is lucky to have been governed by a focussed and responsible young leader with unquestioned political will in person of His Excellency, Alh. Yahaya Bello. The great unifier with unparalleled achievements touching every stratum of development in the state.

The fact that the incumbent member representing Ankpa II at the state house of assembly, Hon. Rabiu Ishaka Alfa has raised the bar in the development equation of Ankpa II constituency is too visible for a new emphasis.

Explainable, the giant stride of the Hon. Rabiu has continued to spur the yearnings of the good people of Ankpa II to have a successor of Hon. Abdulrahman Idris (AIM2023) type who understands the terrain and has the knack to continue the developmental pace.

The people are clamoring for only a successor who will not, in the words of Plato “ruin the good” i. This informed the major reason all attention is now swiveled on Hon. Abdulrahman Idris is a self-assured, open to change and highly experienced person with superior intellect to continue the good work emplaced by the current administration.

Whilst the good people in their large number are routing for AIM2023 to use his qualitative uniqueness of experience in many interconnected fields to transform the Ankpa II constituency, others are praying for the very day he will take over the mantle of leadership come 2023.

The future is bright with AIM.

The youths of Ankpa II are clamoring for AIM. The aged and experienced are also yelling for AIM.

– Ismaila Abdullahi (Coded) writes from Ankpa, Local Government Area, Kogi State.

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