An Open Letter to the Obidients (II)

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I wrote to you before about how badly hurt I was by the just concluded election. I am happy to inform you today that I am healing. I hope you are too. Let me quickly go to the reason for writing this open letter.

I have said before that systems are infinite, and we all operate as finite elements in infinite systems. Let me tell you what I mean. Just at this point in writing this letter, I googled “when was the earth created,” and I got a response from Wikipedia that says 4.54 billion years ago. I also googled “the first man on earth arrived when,” and I got between 200,000 and 3,000,000 years ago. Guys, the point is that, scientifically and religiously speaking, the earth appears infinite, and men and women play their parts in this infinite system called earth and go to the beyond, never to return again.

In a similar light, entities (countries, organisations, religion, etc.) are theoretically construed to operate like systems (Systems Theory). Soldiers come, soldiers go, but the systems remain!

Our hero, my hero, His Excellency Peter Obi, has played his part and continues to do so in our politics. To his and your credit, we have won one governorship, eight senate, 36 house of representatives and several state house of assembly seats in just nine months. You should be proud of yourselves. You shook the establishment, and they marvelled. Now is the time to rest so you can return fresher and even more veracious in another 4 years.

Fellow obidients, please rest. We all deserve it. The president elect or select have been so announced.

Follow the court proceedings and remain law-abiding. Nigeria would work in our lifetime if you and I continue on this trajectory. But if we burn the country, what will we gain? I am not asking you to lose your voice; remain a viable voice of opposition to the structure of criminality that destroyed yesterday, destroyed today, and is insisting on destroying tomorrow. But do so as law-abiding citizens.

As we rest, I encourage you to go back to your personal development goals. Yes, that course, that skill, that one degree extra, that professional qualification, that business idea—go for it! This system would soon be better, but when that time comes, only those who are ready would benefit, while those who are not would continue to moan under the shackles of excuses. All over the world, nothing is given; rather, people get what they work for. Take the time to prepare for the new Nigeria.

By the way, my friend, Olanrewaju Oyinbooke, can help with your personal development goals; please follow him on social media to learn more.

See you in 4 years.

– Augustine Akande B. Sc., M. Sc., ACA, PMP.

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