An Open Letter To Okun Sons and Daughters on the Proposed Okun Summit – Oladele John NIHI

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Greetings to our forefathers, I mean great Okun sons and daughters who at one point or the other laid down their lives in a genuine fight for liberation, economic and social advancement, infrastructural development and above all, cultural and peaceful coexistence of our people, your heroic works and display are points of references today. May your gentle souls rest in peace (Amen).

This letter will not be complete without this short but very important paragraph. For many of our forefathers who if given life opportunity again would have lived it doing things differently, I cannot forget you, your mistakes and misdeeds are point of references and lesson for us today.

It is very important to note that this third paragraph was originally not included in this write up but the reactions and bias minds agents and architects of mischief had while anticipating this write up necessitate it. Like I politely replied those who were grandstanding on some social media platforms and as I would have gladly say it directly to the faces of those making calls here and there on this letter, “Eni je fufu lara nfun, emi o je fufu ara o fun mi. Wait for my write up and save yourself of blood pressure”.

Let me specially appreciate the initiators of this summit for a job well done not minding their quest for financial support that consequently led to an attempt or attempted hijack of the summit by selfish individuals who feels this offer them an opportunity to actualize their selfish political ambition.

I will not go into the politics and games playing out under the disguise of OKUN SUMMIT, plans are on the way to shock and outsmart those who are investing their money, time and effort in the summit for selfish and political gain (genuine contributors are highly appreciated) nor will I accommodate here in this letter, the scheming of intriguer against tenure and executives of Okun Development Association (ODA), an association many of this mushroom groups intend to frustrate instead of rallying round her to succeed but let me place us on notice, 2019/20 political game plan and effort to constitute a new Okun Development Association (ODA) Executive will play out.

This letter is mainly to address one thing- The None Inclusion of Okun Youths in the planning, organizing and most importantly, in the list of guest speakers in this proposed OKUN SUMMIT. By Okun youths I mean, Okun sons and daughters between ages 18-34/40years who presently constitute over 60% of our entire population.

This was my agitation and complain to the organizers of this OKUN SUMMIT in a WhatsApp group named ‘OKUN PATRIOTS’ that led to my arbitrary removal from the group. As an Okun youth who fully understand the importance of this kind of summit, it is highly a misnomer for such an important summit to hold without YOUTHS and STUDENTS full involvement.

What will all these old men listed as guest speakers tell us again that we’ve not heard before? When they were privilege to be leaders serving in one elected and appointed political positions and even in their private companies in the past, what were their contributions to Okun Kingdom and her people especially the youths and students? How many of our youths can they point to have made or groomed for leadership position? What are the developmental achievements we can point to in Okun Land in their records? These and many more questions are begging for answers.

If we must achieve the aim the organizers want us to believe was the original motive or rational for organising the summit, its not too late to fully bring the youths and students into it as anything short of this will be passionately resisted. Okun youths and students will not seat down and watch anybody mortgage our future any further.

Okun youths has suffered enough in the hands of our leaders who only know about themselves, children and immediate family. We will resist that day at the summit any attempt to POLITICIZE the summit and shall hold the organizers accountable for every kobo contributed by GENUINE Okun Sons and Daughters for the summit. This should not be viewed as a threat, IT IS A PROMISE.

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