An Interrogation of Tinubu’s Bulaba Syndrome

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Fellow Nigerians!

We are celebrated across the globe as the Giant of Africa but a sincere assessment of this old nomenclature would reveal the awkward scenario painting a broader picture of national deceit. Political pundits often assert that the most populous Black Nation is living on the fortunes of past glories. This popular opinion is debatable but can be judiciously examined if the lingering political trauma is taken into cognizance by weighing the tentative objectivism of aspirants especially the oldest breed of politician gambling against all odds to break the jinx of a kingmaker breaching all protocols to become a King. In a lucid brainstorming ponder on current realities, the candidacy of Chief Bola Ahmed Tinubu to ‘rule’ Nigeria is not out of place – he is qualified to contest but at the same time he is tested and not trusted. Who made Tinubu a Kingmaker in the first place?

In pursuant of ideal democratic principles, the 2023 General Election is another opportunity for Nigerians to prove a rigid valid point by attempting to patriotically fine-tune the new political order in the “Niger Area”. To this end, the political arena has been modified to suit the common will of the masses who are at the mercy of capitalist ridicule, oppressive misadventure and societal decadence in calculated phases of quad calendar years. Jagaban is constitutionally qualified to contend for the highest political office in the land but in realistic narrations, he is morally corrupt to partially govern a Clan not even a Hamlet. Comically, many supporters of Tinubu’s overblown ambition are bragging shoulder high in anticipation for a scramble of the country’s asset in solidarity with the illogical daydream of their Principal.

Now, let’s roll the dice:

The History of Lagos state is placid without the mentioning of Bola Ahmed Tinubu. However, these allusion are brought to bare in the gutters of incongruous loot, personal allocation of fund, cabalistic thrive and draconian infractions. This is a lenient summary of the behavioral defects of a man who ruled Eko between 1999 and 2007 however it is full of terrible woes as Lagosians are still reckoning their travail. Till date, Tinubu is blatantly accumulating illegitimate proceeds from his trifling leadership style as he continues to dribble the collective sensibilities of the oppressed citizens veiled in the regalia of shame as the mouthed National Leader of the ruling All Progressives’ Congress (APC).

Tinubu locked the prospects of Lagos state and buried the keys in his shallow pockets thereby blindfolding any sight of remorse in a lame conceal of inhuman misdeeds. No doubt, the business hub of Nigeria, a supposedly Centre of Excellence can merely be adjudged a former Capital City of Nigeria converted to Tinubu’s business empire – a cracked enslavement moulded on the altar of sheer wickedness. This is not rocket science analysis but a practical assessment of the self-centered cravings of a national tyrant gunning to takeover Aso Rock in continuity of his unsatisfied accumulation of wealth at the detriment of the poor masses with reckless abandon. Nigerians (especially Lagosians) will not forget in a haste how Tinubu appointed his biological daughter as Iyaloja, the Head of all market women in the state immediately after the demise of his mother. For the records, this title is not monarchical or hereditary, but the self acclaimed Lion of Bourdilion imposed his then 40 year-old daughter and tamed the collective of traders who were left with zero option than to embrace the cumbersome rascality spearheaded by Jagaban. This is just a miniature of his atrocities when he reigned as the Executive Governor of Lagos state. However, he successfully earned accolades in his attempt to introduce sanity in Lagos state with the establishment of LAWMA, LASTMA and KAI which has survived the test of time. Tinubu also sanitized Lagos State Civil Service by ousting Ghost Workers and introduced a more robust and genuine workers database devoid of infiltration.

Be that as it may, Jagaban has proven overtime to be a Lord in the Manor of pomposity latched on the fringes of his poorly managed attitudinal diabolism in connectivity to an uncommon stenchy appetite of gluttony in a hot pursuit of his crudely toxic/undemocratic power play especially in South West Nigeria with competent exception of Osun state which is currently governed by an opposition party, PDP. To cite another ugly instance, Tinubu earned his widely “detested” portfolio of National Leader in celebration of his dubious capabilities to install and remove politicians at ease especially in Lagos state. All this while, the Kingmaker was fuelling his shenanigan ambition to emerge as the President of Nigeria in disguise through his penchant Greek gift of imposing members of his cabal who inturn fall as weak prey to adopt Tinubu’s Shylock pact of deceptive engagements in furtherance of a clueless future ambition. Did Tinubu also cajole President Muhammadu Buhari to sign an unholy pact in 2015 or 2019? Well, events in the coming days shall unravel the trails.

It is now an old tale to describe the disarray of problems ravaging the most populous Black Nation. Nigeria is pitiably experiencing societal decay, harsh economic policies, inflation and insecurity in a gleeful apogee. The country urgently need the services of an experienced political physician to heal the old wounds in seek of stability. Well meaning Nigerians should tactically jostle to elect a selfless leader who is determined to save Nigerians as a yearned lifesaver instead of repeating old mistakes by accepting the selfish ambition of Jagaban. I know my perception is a pill too bitter to swallow especially in the camp of Tinubu’s beneficiaries or his legion of sycophants working for the betterment of their stomach infrastructure. If Nigerians must succeed and survive as a clamped united nation, sectional interest must be razed in the oven of patriotism. Unity in diversity should be aligned in order to define the purest way forward especially at this critical point of our nation’s history.

If at all Tinubu excels at the polls by applying the old formula of buying votes with monies stockpiled in Bullion Van, then there is no gainsaid, it would be the worst catastrophe to befall Nigeria and Nigerians because at the moment his incapacitated campaign posture is obvious even to the blind. The “bulaba” syndrome and other spoken gaffe are practical realities of senility which is in tandem with old age. Longevity with successful impact is often featured in our daily prayers and supplication but we should never pray to get old to a point when we are regarded as mere mortals renowned for our ugliest abilities to constitute nuisance.

As Nigerians prepare for the forthcoming General Election, citizens should not support any candidate in line with political party sentiments. This option is archaic (overused) with zero trace of tangible orientation or good result. Nigerians should endeavor to compare the antecedents of politicians by learning how to separate the bad, the good and the ugly. In a worst case scenario, aspirants should be weighed on a scale of voting in favour of a lesser evil by learning how to bury the worst evil doers in the abyss graveyard of overdue political retirements. I strongly believe the masses have suffered the resultant effects of their past mistake and if only the new innovation of BVAS technology can be transparently utilized, citizens are ready to make a loud statement thus setting the pace for a New Nigeria.

Happy New Year!

– Ajogwu Jerry Ochada, a journalist, writes from Abuja.

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