‘Ajaokuta Steel Company Can Create 600,000 Jobs’ – Adeyemo

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When the Ajaokuta Steel Company is working in its full capacity, it can generate about 600,000 jobs, national chairman of the Nigerian Institution of Metallurgical, Mining and Materials (NIMMME) Engr. Dr Ayodeji Adeyemo has said.

Adeyemo said this during his investiture and public lecture as the new chairman of the association in Abuja, yesterday.

“Mining is tasking and you need huge investment. However, when you know what you are going to get is profitable, you can take the risk. For example Ajaokuta Steel Company can generate over one 100,000 directly and indirectly 500,000.

“If 600,000 jobs are generated, the economy will be better. As you expand, you employ more,” he said.

He commended government’s National Integrated Minerals Exploration Project (NIMEP), noting that the more money you spend to discover the minerals, the better the results, and more profitable the products will be.

“The more you have precise location of the mineral, you are able to design the way of exploiting it. The ministry spending more money to discover more minerals is okay,” Adeyemo said.

He said as the 10th national chairman of the institution, he will provide solutions to its three main challenges namely membership drive, funding and publicity.

Credit: The Nation

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