Adoza: A Governor With A Servant-Leader Trait

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Of late, my mind has been flooded with great memories. With my pen in my hand thinking of writing about someone so impactful.
Unconsciously my ink dropped and led me on a voyage to write about a man of destiny, a man whose life has impacted and has continued touching many lives here and abroad positively. A quintessential leader and a proud son of Kogi who has chosen to write his name in the annals state of Kogi with great works and service to his people.
I have always held this opinion and have consistently found it to be true that the almighty God has a purpose for all that happens. He has a reason for creating certain individuals and at specific seasons because he is the God of purpose and seasons. It is therefore not by coincidence that God will chose this rare gem to lead in the struggle in the emancipation of the state from the gyres of oppression and enthrone a fairer and better atmosphere for all Kogites.
The hero of this piece was born into struggle and was thus baptised into a life that could as best be described as an embodiment of the struggle to emancipate the downtrodden. He was born refined in the furnace of the various life struggles.
He experienced difficulties as a growing child having not been born with the fabled silver spoon but in a family of humble means. It was these circumstances that shaped his world view and imbued in him that singular determination and passionate commitment to serve the poor masses to lift them out of poverty whenever he finds the opportunity.
This has fortunately defined him and has become the building blocks for his governance activities and overall direction in Kogi state. He has been running a government that has not only transformed the state infrastructure wise, within the limited resources available to it, and the huge personnel cost thrust upon its lean purses which is one of the highest in the country, but has also transformed the lives of the people as a firm believer in the power of the people to create and energise development in any clime.
In this amiable Governor, Kogi and her people have recovered their lost glory and indeed the youths have found a greater voice and becoming a reference point in many instances. His government has become a model of how best to deliver effective governance to a people within the context of meagre resources. He has shown exceptional creativity in this regard.
It is not surprising given his antecedents, beliefs and avowals as a growing person, that he is a strong believer in uplifting people. He has become a proud scion of this belief as he has not betrayed its dictates and even the governed in his governance of Kogi State this past years. He has practiced what he preached and Kogi state is clearly better for it.
Accessing every spheres of the state, one would attest that his governance in Kogi State has indeed rekindled the hope of the citizenry a great deal and indeed in no mean measure. This is a man under whose guidance the state has acquired value for every Naira and Kobo it has spent in projects. He has refused to join the maddening crowd of looters but insisted that good governance must be delivered to his people come what may. That explains the great achievements at minimum cost to the state.
It is therefore my duty, our duty, to commend His Excellency, Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello on his unprecedented achievements so far, so that others in leadership position in Nigeria would be encouraged to emulate the virtues of this man, and provide impactful leadership for their citizenry.
Lest I forget, he is a man blinded to primordial sentiments. He is not ruled by where you come from and what religion you practice but believes in rewarding excellence and exceptional talents. He is not afraid of seeking out talents, nurturing them and encouraging them to grow and become better so that the community and the Nigerian project can become better served. This did not start today but has been part of his personality for a very long time.
Without sounding immodest, we would boldly say that Kogi is blessed to have him as their Governor.
I could go on and on when it comes to the issue of this great personality, but that would be for another day where I will roll out his achievements that makes him a silent achiever.
Stay tuned…
– Ogbeni David Oni writes from Yagba East, Okun Land.

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