Adoke: The Truth Be Told on Renovation of Okunchi Central Mosque

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I bring greetings and good tidings to you my honourable, Hon.Muktar Bello Adoke, the assembly member representing Adavi constituency at Kogi State House of Assembly as a concerned citizen of Adavi Local Government area.
Since your emergence in 2015, I refuse to write about your level of representation not because you are doing well as a legislator but because I want more facts about what you bring to the people you represent and we are heading towards 2019 which indirectly means we are driving towards the end of your tenure in office as the Honourable member representing Adavi Constituency at the State House of Assembly.
Over the years, we have seen series of empowerment and projects which you claim the glory on social media but unfortunately nothing of such is found  anywhere in Adavi though that is not my point of focus but it is important for you to know that votes are not being casted and elections are not won on social media.
Last weekend, I got the news on kogi reports that you are renovating Okunchi Central Mosque nears completion and I was miffed by the type of cheat lies you send on social media for global consumption like the people of okunchi ward are not on social media or we don’t know where our central mosque is located, what an insult?
I am an indigine of Okunchi and the picture you are showing to the world is not the picture of Okunchi Central mosque, the mosque on this picture is located at Anyioke-eba opposite Alhaji Al-Hassan’s resident the popular political gladiator in Okunchi ward.
Okunchi Central mosque is located along lokoja road close to Obangede Junction where the Chief Imam of Okunchi (Alh. Yahaya) lead jumuat prayers and not the picture you are showing on social networks, This particular mosque is not even a jumuat mosque, how can a mosque that is not a jumuat mosque becalled a Central mosque?,  what an embarrassment?
In case you were not told, there is another mosque at the Old Zango ground at Okunchi ward which is also close to Alhaji Al-Hassan’s house, which is not roofed nor cemented both the walls and the floors why didn’t you complete that instead of compestating someone and spreading lies and you are renovating Okunchi Central mosque,Indeed Nigeria politics is embedded with lies and media propagandas.
From assessment, since you assumed office in 2015, you have not been able to bring the government closer to the people as expected of you in the rules of the levels of government, what happens to education?, youths, women and even the welfare of the people you are representing?.
If you have the intention of seeking political office now or later, please stop these cheap lies and embarrassment and with the little time left embark of physical projects and be part of making Adavi a better place.
– Ibrahim Muhammad Oziandu
Tel: 08034626554, 08071111596

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