Adoji @50: Profile of Grit, Wits and Resourcefulness

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Heroes are not giant statues formed against a red sky. They are people who say; this is my community, and its my responsibility to make it better- Thomas Lawason. 

As long as Igala/Ibaji ethnicity shall remain, the name Victor Adoji is etched in the sands of time and shall lighten the path of those who seek betterment of human species. He is a distinct  persona, a socialite, progressive character and a silent achiever with cheer altruistic affinity. Accommodating and humble Adoji never discriminates; he sees all equally irrespective of tribe, religion and affiliation.

Today, we celebrate a philanthropist, a professional and a Shepherd who perhaps act in strictest adherence to corporate values where services are measured in results or consistently furnished by moral etiquette to secretly affect lives in diverse form. We celebrate a politician and idealist with audacity to be different; an icon of unity and embodiment of knowledge.

In spite of a radical transformation, one cannot discern what informed Adoji’s chosen humanitarian style; the absence of media spotlighting on his various contributions keyed into grassroot development, Education and youth empowerment.

In hyped polity like Nigeria’s, antecedent is measured by what you have done for the people. Its nilly-willy a requisite check and a determinant factor for one’s public office eligibility. To some, such is considered timid. Howbeit, Adoji understood Moral principles and he’s not deviating anytime soon.

Humanitarian deeds speak louder than ethnic or social jingoism. Therefore, Adoji can disguise in his selfless services for eternity. Cameras can also be barred. His good works are already loud from the roof top.

Before hand, he worked as a probono auxiliary teacher at CSCC Anyigba for many years. In the corporate world; he reignited the passion that made him serve his fatherland without compensation as Zenith Bank Anyigba/Ankpa branches were open courtesy of him.

Adoji has been a catalyst, source and instrumental to the growth of his people. Take Okula Aloma for instance, at the time when Education was grounded, Adoji ensured teachers stayed nurtured by paying allowances equivalent to their salaries. It is also on public domain that the only church/Mosque in Okula were built by him. The grading of Okula Aloma road, a twenty years mortgage system, several mechanized boreholes etc, were Victor’s initiatives. Dekina, Olamaboro, Ankpa, Idah etc also benefited from his benevolent offerings. Idah for instance has over three mechanized boreholes sunk to his credit. Teachers in some schools in Anyigba, Dekina LG are on his payroll. Several Boreholes were also drilled at Ogene Iga, Otutulu, etc. Adoji has also done very well for the people in the area of Education. Apart from sponsoring and, or assisting Individuals, Adoji through his foundation currently sponsors over one thousand students in various tertiary institutions. In short, whoever cares should visit mercy orphanage homes in Otutulu, Diagnostics and reference hospitals Anyigba, Catholic communities in Ofante Ogugu, Bursary department of KSU, and members of project Igala Education committee. Adoji has done well for widows, orphans and less privileges in terms of medical bills, establishment of building structures, businesses and skills.

Through some socio cultural events, Adoji empowered individuals via gift of cars, motorcycles, cash etc. Socio cultural groups like Dekina day, Okula Aloma day, and Abocho day among others are forum he leveraged. Also, as a leader in Ukomu Igala an association, DVAA donated motorcycles, android phones and cash to the youths.

In 2017 or there about, as at the time of security upheavals in Kogi state, Adoji singlehandedly sponsored a conference aimed at tackling insecurity in Kogi East with over five million Naira. That is aside various safety measures he has personally taken to secure his people.On employment, Adoji leads from the front. Although, not in charge of employment in Zenith bank, FAAN, CBN and other institutions, he facilitated job employments for several youths across the Nine local governments and beyond. It is also on record that an Igala Lady was employed in the management position in CBN through DVAA. Out of cheer passion for education, Victor spent a whooping eleven million Naira to sponsor an Igala son to aviation school in the US. He has also left a foot print in sponsoring people on tourism and holy pilgrimages. Kudos to his poverty alleviation, rural electrification schemes. A number of communities have benefited transformers.

To a keen observer, Thomas Lawason in his description of “a hero” indicted DVAA when he said heroes identifies their community and a responsibility to make it better. Of course, the extant hardships can never be over emphasized. Kogi state havens insecurity. Hunger ravages as those in the saddle practically jilted the people. The cost of living is high and everyone lives with uncertainty. Adoji would have comfortably reclined in his scabbard, but he knows his people somewhere needs help. He could have jetted out of the country with his family to evade the scotching insecurity, but he chose to stay and fight for the people. Indeed, he is a hero and we must celebrate him.

DVAA’s foray into politics has made humanitarianism more tasking. After that rigorous electoral tussles, the mandates were stolen by unionists of unclear motives. Yet, unlike other contestants, he consistently reaches out to the people in every way possible.

Pained by Kogi’s 13.96% rise in youth unemployment, Adoji took to his heels to sieve out antidotes. And guess what? In 2020, he met with cashew farmers association with hope to further commercialize the production of cashew nuts. Some processing machines were bought and and donated in the process. Not just that, Adoji attracted a foreign investor who would have met with the famers if not for covid-19 pandemics.

Also in 2020, DVAA contacted the management of Igala Nations cup- a conglomerate of various soccer clubs from the nine LGs in Kogi east established by the state government but abandoned for decades. A technical reforms were carried out and the entire clubs came under an umbrella called Igala United football clubs. IUFC currently has over forty best players on monthly allowances of twenty thousand Naira each for the past six months through Adoji- upward salary review ongoing. As we speak, IUFC stars are not just being paid allowances. They don’t just play and entertain as usual, Adoji has leveraged his bulk of contacts to expose them to better offers at the National and international levels. Just few days ago, IUFC qualified for National league one (division 3)- a feet never achieved before in the history of its formation.

Adoji could as well be described as an encyclopaedia with compendiums of technical, social and political know-how required to lift the veil of an economically land locked, air locked and sea locked Kogi state. Hence, his cheer altruistic affinities backed with exact knowledge of our plights compensated a profile of wit, grits and resourcefulness about Dr Victor Alewo Adoji.

Happy birthday sir!

– John Paul writes from Lokoja.

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