Adesanmi: The Colossal Journey of a Colossus

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27th  February 1972 splitted the cotyledons of Isanlu, off shooting ‘a bright-Ade’ starfrom the Old Kabba Province.

The bright shining light had no boundary,It was acknowledged at Titcombe,

It illuminated Ilorin, Ibadan saw it, Canada housed it, but its sparkle illuminated the literary and contemporary world.

Like a flourished flower, Pius blossomed the intelligentsia.

His fingers marked the sands of time,

The nectar and reservoir of knowledge,

A groomed breed of Kogi, The pride of Isanlu, A literary archetype of the Nigerian prowess.

10th March 2019 shattered the ventricle of our hearts ‘Owl’ 737 Max nose dived through the African surface,

The sands of Bishoftu Ethiopia, drenched in a pool of blood.

Prof Pius you Pierced the Pulmonary ‘Jama’ of literary criticism and audience.

Oh! an Iroko has fallen!

Oh! The Owl, the bird of death!

A flourishing breed at 47 embarked on a journey of no return,

A Kogite cut off at 47,

We are soaked in the ocean of tears and a dark cloud line.

Oh! Okun Bola, The legendary Prof!

Muyiwa and Tise will hold the forte,

They look bereaved but strong, A palm offshoot replaces the mother tree.

Thus, be comforted, be still,  be calm In the new land.

Oh! The Colossal Journey of a Colossus

Oh! The Colossal Loss of a Colossus.

– Prince Opaluwa Okoliko.

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