Abubakar Sadiku Ohere; The Golden Egg Glowing in The Lives of Many

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The reappointment of Engr. Abubakar Sadiku Ohere as the special adviser to the Governor on local government and chieftaincy affairs by Governor Yahaya Adoza Bello is a reward for hard work, dexterity and prudence.

Engr Ohere’s reappointment is a testament to his passion and commitment towards the holistic development of the state. His reappointment has shut the mouth of critics.

Within the space of almost four years, Engr. Abubakar Ohere has demonstrated an unparalleled passion and zeal to the holistic development of Kogi State and  the RAPID prosperity of Kogites across board.

The reappointment has once again shown that the developmental strides of Engr. Ohere are being appreciated by the governor as shown by the people of the state. It is a reward for excellence.

The oriented SA to the governor, through diligence and prudent management of resources have practically demonstrated that he is a leader with strange abilities. This reappointment is indeed a reward of excellence and good performance.

Engr. Ohere was obviously recognised for his human development, uncommon wealth creation and infrastructure in the state. He has demonstrated rare virtues of frugality and industry in the discharge of his duty.

– Comrade Danfulani Ohinoyi Lukman writes from Lokoja.

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