Abdulmaleek Abdulraheem Danga; The Veteran Who Cares

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Hon. Danga “Porphy” representing the good people of Adavi/Okehi will serve as a vehicle towards rapid development to the constituency.

He is a good politician who is able to see the world through the eyes of others. He is a competent leader.

He will bring job opportunities for the people and do things differently with his leadership experience.

It is a new era of politics and leadership; the people needs an experience hand like Hon. Abdulmaleek Danga for better transformation and educational development.

Despite the poor development and hunger, let’s come out massively to exercise our electoral right for better representation with a better DANGA as the choice.

He has help people with different personalities and strength towards achieving a goal. He has an effective leadership which encompasses good listening. Danga is a leader with a listening quality.

Hon. Danga have many experience for innovative ideas for the youths and the elderly.

Hon. Danga “Porphy” have great plans of reformation for the good people of Adavi/Okehi Federal constituency. He will prioritize education and human capital development for the constituents at the green chamber.

Let’s support Danga

– Samuel Amoto Tino

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