Abandoned Communities: Open Letter to Senator Jibrin Isah Echocho

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Your Excellency, distinguished Senator Jibril Isah (a.k.a Echocho),

I want to begin by congratulating you on your victory as senator representing the good people of Kogi East senatorial district. Though, such should have come before now, I reclined because, as lawmaker representing Igala/Bassa people at the upper legislative chamber, your advent was circumstantial.

For posterity sake, no one was, and is against your senatorial ambition (if actually you nursed it from inception) except for two reasons. First, some powerful forces saw your political name as threat to their adventitious appearances on the seat of power and selfishly exploited it. Second, we felt the name- ECHOCHO is politically too wide and structurally unalloyed to be accorded a mere senatorial post. Simply put, we know you are capable of ‘having on’, the shoes of our late Prince of Niger, Prince Abubakar Audu, having took part in processes required politically or otherwise from one vying for public offices.

Your Excellency, I know this seemed incoherent. Besides, I am not in anyway close to you or your handlers but what we hitherto, inveighed is playing out simultaneously. The powerful forces hauling Kogi’s patrimony are patronizing embargoes and defining your legislative prowess. I call them propagandists. If you can prioritize Kogi East above propagandists and take a stand, not only would this better your successive political loins, we would protest the instituted legal squabbles against the mandate. Why? Because, you have a heart of GOLD.

Your Excellency, in view of the above, I wish to bring to grasp of the lingering difficulties of your constituents particularly in some boundary communities between Ankpa and Dekina local government areas.

Previously, we have tagged such petitions to your predecessors as PLIGHTS OF ABANDONED COMMUNITIES.

Sir, the residents, in spite of a proven political proclivity lacks virtually all the basic amenities. About 9 of them, namely:- Zaria-Okura, Ochi-Ofago, Okura-Ofante, Ojaji-Ogugu, Zaria-Ochi, Lagos-Ochi, etc still surrounds and survive with just a scantily flowing stream situated between 5-9 kilometers away (depending on their locations). It is a small flowing stream which expands only in rainy year. And no matter its perceived surpluses, it dries off in no distant time due to overall dependants. Therefore, between March, April and May, the residents are confronted with dearth of water to the extend that some spends a minimum of 4-7 days on the queue just to get water.

Aside this, it also serve herdsmen who frequently invade the stream with their dehydrated cattles.

Your Excellency, time and space may not let, I would have included chronological evidence of erupted violences between herders and the residents that had claimed countless lives. But then, why violence usually occur is because the herders with their cattles would leave the stream more hazardous due to excrement deposited by cattles.

I am also aware that in the course of your campaign tours last year, you have visited Ochi-Ofago and Okura-Ofante. Hence, my letter to a greater extent is a no strange mail. It would also be needless boring you with numerous letters we have written to your predecessors as well as former governors and their various response.

Your Excellency, this is an appeal to you to help alleviate the age-long suffering of the people. We believe in your capacity as distinguished senator representing Kogi Eastern senatorial district. It would also go headway in history if this urgent indispensables are met accordingly.

Thank you.

– John Paul

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