A Short Open Letter To Kogi State Executive Council

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Seriously, as full-blooded Kogite, I am very angry this morning. It is quite unusual of me to be angry, especially on the first day of the month of November. But these political insurgents, hoodlums and quacks who have launched uncalculated, deadly and unproductive suicidal attack on our common resource and treasury at the expense of the poverty, hunger and disease that is ravaging the state like wild fire have made me seriously angry.


How can the state executive council come out openly and tell the whole world that kogi state have expanded the whole of the 20 billion Naira bailout fund and have incurred an additional 9000000 (nine hundred million naira) overdraft in order to settle workers’ salaries.


The question is simple; how, when and where did you people pay the workers and pensioners? Over 80 percent of civil servants, especially the teachers, have not received salaries, whether percentage or full for the past 5 months. And yet, you people came out to tell us that you have expended the 20 billion naira bailout up to the extent of going for an overdraft!



Fear God Yahaya Bello and his cohort. When people of the state where shouting that you stop using our money for parties and marrying wives for aides, you turned deaf ears to Kogites, now you people have successfully embezzled the 20 billion naira plus the interest accruing to it, and the only thing left is the presentation of your confused financial report which is a pointer of the confused the brain and liver of these administration is.


What Kogites want is simple, pay workers and pensioners their salaries, reduce the rate of hunger and poverty via functional social policies, reduce the rate of crime/insecurity in the state and promote unity and peace in the state. Not presenting manipulated, fraudulent and padded financial reports to the people. The simple fact is that financial transparency as a concept is anchored on how judiciously public funds were used not only used but the right usage at the right time not and iota of presenting unsolicited financial reports.


The 20 billion naira bailout saga still remain a political – cum economic misery that one day will be revealed to kogi by God/Allah’s grace.


We pray the state executive council have a change of direction and mind towards uplifting the socio-economic status of the state’s citizens.

– Enemama Simon Akubor


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