A Note to Politicians: Understanding the Time and Season We Are

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We are a few days away from the elections. Many along the corridors of power are working day and night to either remain or assume a new office and here on the other side, the electorate is busy working hard to bring the right person into power. It is no longer business as usual where figures are rounded up in favour of candidates who can buy their way into power justifying the popular saying that “change is constant and change is a measure of time”.

The choice of the masses is clearly defined; the choice of the people cannot be downplayed or masked as demonstrated in their aspirations and collective agreement in the choice of candidates for the forth coming election.

For example: X-raying some of the recent events on two different occasions where we had a politician booed because the masses were tired of hearing the same story. It shows truly the tide has changed, and the seasons are no longer with the politicians. The masses are consciously alert waiting to drive away any personality who has made them realize the abuse of power when entrusted into the wrong hands.

Looking critically at the unfolding saga, it is clear that every patriotic Nigerian wants the narrative changed; they are tired of the unproductive style of leadership our leaders have cost us since achieving democratic governance. So many countries that started with us like China have left us behind. Even other African countries cannot in anyway be compared to Nigeria considering the lack of political will, bad policies and level of corrupt practices among our politicians.

The forth coming election is going to be an eye opener to many in the political race who are nursing the intention of going there as figure head without the readiness, preparedness to serve his or her people. The seasons of favoritism is over, it’s a season where you have to show your card of discipline, management, prudence, ability, capacity, humanitarian service to the common people around you.

I want to also use this avenue to jog the memory of the masses that it will no longer be business as usual as this season is instrumental to the rebirth of the new Nigeria they had always imagined or wanted. We shouldn’t allow the euphoria and other things to distract us. We all should prepare our minds to get it right this time, don’t sell your vote and don’t intentionally sell the future of your children. Remember this year’s election is all about competence, credibility, capacity, track record and nothing more.

– Apeh Emmanuel Monday
Coordinator, APEH Health Talk Show
Email: presidentapehmonday@gmail.com

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