A Note To Kogi State by Natasha Akpoti

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I understand you suffer lack in the midst of plenty. I suffer too…

I know you feel miserable at the disconnect between you and those sworn to serve you … I feel miserable too …

But I tell you this …

Don’t be followers who feed the monsters … they are self absorbed and lack empathy towards your conditions.

Don’t be caught in between ethnic and religious differences … focus on the rich colors of our diversity for there in lies our strength.

Don’t cry too hard over those who died of societal neglect… they are our unsung heroes and their deaths should be constant reminders of the mistakes we ignorantly made in our choice of leadership.

Don’t worry about wasted years … we can never get them back. However, what we have in Mother Earth is enough to restore our lost glory in a thousand folds and over . Ajaokuta!!!

Although, tonight you may go to bed hungry …

Pray that time goes by fast …
Pray that all you suffer now may not last …

Pray to love your ethnic neighbors as yourself for though they ruled 18yrs, they suffer no less. Avoid misplaced passion.

Of all written above to be done, remember to reflect on your lives …past, present and future

As as you close your eyes to sleep; may you dream a dream so big of humanity, prosperity and boundless creation of value and purpose.

For when the sun rises up again… oh yes it will rise up again … we shall have a state filled with extraordinary people working happily together in God, love and trust; daily rebuilding inclusive communities and strengthen social -economic bonds.

Now, I hurt … like you hurt but I have hope and hope you hope with me.

All my love


– Natasha Akpoti

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