A Nation In Need Of Conscience

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I jumped up this morning with just a short statement ringing hard on my mind. “Nigeria needs conscience Rebranding”

It took me more than two Ours to put my thoughts together. I have searched my conscience and have realized that Nigeria both leaders and the lead have lost their conscience. The littlest touch of humanity can no longer be found.

A cursory look at this lack of conscience exposes the ills running like the ocean flow in our modern day Nigerian society.

A nation without conscience will will be filled with absurdities, chaos, hunger, violence, legalized and institutionalized corruption.

Let me quickly point out some events that have proven Nigeria a nation without conscience.

A nation with conscience will not construct a 1.59km bridge and 10.31km road at the tone of #210billion naira. It is exorbitant and deceitful a whopping #17.6 billion for every 1km on the average at a time when a president assumed to be corruption averse is in power.

A nation with conscience will not imagine sharing 117 billion to a group we do not know how they were selected when just #200 billion is needed to complete Ajaokuta steel company that has the capacity of creating 500,000 direct and indirect jobs.

A nation with conscience will not not borrow $6 billion to construct rail line and still import the iron and steel material when it has the capacity to supply its own. I am tempted to say that a nation without conscience is a cursed nation but I don’t want to refer to Nigeria as such.

A nation with conscience will not give in to unnatural men whose mission is to kill, loot and destroy.

A nation with conscience will take the security of her citizens seriously.

Lo if I say Nigeria is a nation in need of conscience Rebranding, I say it without mincing words the followership of this nation is the most decayed segment of this nation.

We sit on our bed of laziness blaming everything on our leaders. We expect the government to do everything for us, we expect the government to breastfeed us and help us impregnate our wives. We want the government to serve our dinning without us raising a finger.

Worst of all, we lay curses on our leaders and yet expect good results from them.

We get bribed to vote our leaders yet we expect then not to loot our treasury. Every business man will want to get his ROR(Return on Investment)

To explain how balkanised our moral persons are, we watch our fellow being murdered and we cheer the murderers in a loud non-encapsulated resonance. Where is our conscience?

We celebrate criminality with religious and ethnic bias forgetting that humanity should come first.

How do we explain the wanton  killings and destruction of properties to count scores?

Where is our conscience?

We have a hyper-sensitivity to religious intolerance. We celebrate mediocrity and applaud stupidity.

We defend misplaced priorities and hail incompetence.

Nigerians have no conscience

We gruesomely kill our nation with our attitudes, we murder the future of this innocent nation.

We got everything we needed but have nothing we want.

How can a nation grow when her citizens are too greedy and selfish? How can we grow when stealing is normal? How will your conscience prick you when the same people whose patrimony you looted sing your praise for throwing crumbs at them?

If we must grow in this nation, we must buy a little conscience. We must pray for our leaders, we must correct their errors and applaud their good deeds, we must realize that Nigeria is our country and we have no other to call our own.

God bless Nigeria.

– Igomu Ojogbami Benedict



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