A Love Letter to Natasha Hadiza Akpoti

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Dear Natasha,

This is a love letter.

I feel an overwhelming need to repeatedly thank you for  the good fight you are fighting. Every day you prove us right that you are our best choice, you show up and share your voice, your vision and your passion.

The importance of your actions and the values, exhibited by deed and actions in the face of provocations and oppositions from intellectually castrated midgets masquerading as local champions have had a profound effect on Ebiraland and its people. We celebrate a rare gem. We hoist you on our shoulders like a totem flag.

I love you. I love your courage. An errand dog said you are a woman. I answered back. This woman has got balls! It takes so much courage to stand in Kogi Central against the forces of darkness. You did and are still doing so. You are creating a new tribe of bravehearts. Showing us a new path. Your calls for liberation and economic, political and social justice has awakened not only Kogi Central but Nigeria and beyond. More impressively it stirs our people into an awareness that hasn’t always been there. It has unmasked the masquerade and brought sunshine into dark and cold places – need I say White Lions do not do well without snow and cold?! – Smiles let the pun not be lost on you!

The willingness to go the extra mile with us, to be there for a bereaved family, to share with orphans and vulnerable elders, to give a new detonation to politics is affecting the way Ebira sees and view politics. YOU Natasha H Akpoti is affecting the way we are perceived all over the world!

Your campaign is our campaign. Your hope is our hope. You are building a body of work that is changing the world because of the way we now see ourselves. You have made room for us to name a deeply hidden truth. All of our lives we have been eagles made to live as turkeys. With you we are on the verge of spreading our wings and fly away…

You have made the world see Ebira as bold, beautiful, intelligent, smart and fearless.

You are a tribe’s poster girl!

You have made us see our values. We are not mere pawns. You have used your proud family linage, your intellect, your voice, your heart, your imagination and your hands to change our youths.

You are changing communities.

You see your election as ours, as a collaborative efforts. You see collaboration as the only way to birth new solutions. 

You don’t see success at the polls as an avenue to amass wealth but an opportunity to give depth and meaning to wasted lives and famished hopes.

Your success is our survival. It is our liberation from internal and external oppression. I know you will leave no one behind.

I love you.

I love your bravery and creativity.

Creativity requires the courage to let go of certainty. I follow your campaign. Every day you ride the wave of possibility and most days you get “worked” by life.  It takes courage to subject your great ideas, your bold vision and your soul to the public – dissected, discussed and sometimes ridiculed.

Yet everyday you grow taller.

You come back more beautiful.

You strategize and align. You listen and shout out. You heal and transform. You rage and you revolutionize.

And most importantly you do the most holy thing that humans can ever do.

You rebuild, restart, rethink and recover.

You taught me to outshine my pain.

It takes courage and nerve; heart and perseverance to let your light shine and to do that which has long seemed impossible. And you make it very clear Natasha for Senate is an unstoppable movement.

Being a radical is unstoppable. Being a creative is unstoppable. Being a revolutionary is unstoppable.

Your act of courage is making Kogi Central and the world a better place. You are gifting us with a future of greater things. On those days your light shine upon my face it invigorates my spirit and inspires me to fight the good fight. It renews my soul.

So I honour you. I lift you up. I celebrate you. And I thank you. Continue to be fearless. We need you. I need you.

Because YOU are, I AM!

It is one minute to DAWN. Let’s go there together.

So much love!

– Yousouf Adeku Abdulkadir
To Natasha Akpoti, Senatorial Candidate Kogi Central District SDP

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