8 Resumption Tips for Parents

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It is important to get your kids prepared to face the new session in school. The following tips will guide you, as you prepare our geniuses for a new Session/Term.

1. Bring out all their uniforms, check them properly to see if some are torn, dirty, or loose.You may be surprised to see they have outgrown some just within this period so make plans to replace them. Wash them and iron properly.

2. Bring out their school bags and lunch boxes, food flasks., wash them properly and set aside.Try and repair the torn ones and change the bad ones were applicable.

3. Bring out their socks, wash them and change the loose or torn ones so they can look smart.

4.Bring out their shoes,  wash the ones that are washable, polish the others and neatly arrange them.Repair and replace those one that are worn out already.

5. Make sure you give them routine drugs like vitamin C, anti-malaria drugs,    deworm them properly and visit the pediatrician where necessary to get them medically fit.

6.Take the boys to a nice saloon and get their hair neatly barbed. The girls should get their hairs well plaited according to the school regulations, no beads.  Please parents, when you help your child obey school rules and regulations, you are helping in grooming that child to be disciplined and obedient to you as well.

7. Please cut their overgrown nails, and teach them personal hygiene.

8.Don’t forget to do little revision and please admonish them to prepare their minds for the new term. Pray with them for guidance and protection throughout the term.

Lastly but not the least, don’t forget to start putting the finishing touches to the plans of how to pay their school fees.

Parenting intentionally is a huge and demanding task, if we want the best out of our kids we must put in our best.

Happy resumption in advance.

– Abah Benjamin Eneojoh writes from Lokoja.

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