8 Reasons Why Western Senatorial District Must Produce Next Kogi State Governor

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The word change is not a mantra for our nation, Nigeria. It is real. It is working. Our fathers have ruled this state (Kogi state) from inception. Isn’t it time we call our mothers for help and assistance? Kogites recognise that women folks are not inferior to their men counterparts. We also realise that majority of voters are women and youths.

Women are more careful in handling laid down procedures than men. That is why the era of the following women saw rapid developments, i.e. Margaret Thatcher, Theresa May, Hillary Clinton, Indra Ghaudi, Helen Johnson. They all left their mark on sand of time, what if they were denied?

Take care of women and you are caring for a whole society, consequently a whole nation. Women hardly give an “eye for an eye”. They easily realise that this will lead to total break down of the society i.e insecurity.

There are 3 senatorial districts in Kogi state; East, Central and West. The East and Central have produced Governors, November 16, 2019 is for western senatorial district to produce a Governor. YES, NOW!!. Since all districts have equal rights.

The Nigerian constitution provides for “Federal Character”. However,  this principle is applied to curtail imbalance development and marginalisation in sharing the dividends of democracy in the state e.g. in university admission, appointments. It is working. Let it be applicable to Governorship elections as well. Everybody in this state were worried when the Governorship did not rotate from the East, this laudable rotational arrangements should continue to the western senatorial district that has been maginalised for so long.

Thanks to all our founding fathers and stake holders. Big thanks to all Governors, past and serving. The West has learnt from the East, they have also learnt from the Central Kogites. From these experiences, it is obvious that the western senatorial District will administer Kogi state better having learnt from past mistakes of east and central.

Barr Justina Dolapo Abanida is a seasoned lawyer and politician, a technocrat, planner and an achiever. She was one of the pillars of late Prince Abubakar Audu administration, the first governor of Kogi state, and helped develop the blueprint of Kogi state development during his second stint in office.

A major part of Abanida’s vision is to achieve accelerated developmental  goals in all spheres of life for all Kogites. Barr. Justina Dolapo Abanida, the flag bearer for African Democratic Congress (ADC), is a highly experienced and successful woman who has been tested in different strategic offices in Kogi State. She can be relied upon to deliver dividends of democracy, pay salaries promptly, and ensure basic infrastructural development of Kogi state.

– Dr Kayode Aramide Ariyo
Kogi Dynamic Stakeholders, Lagos Branch.

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