2024 Ekinrin-Adde Day: An Appeal to TVC to Avoid Remarks Capable of Causing Communal Clash

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Our attention has been drawn to the media coverage released by TVC on their 12noon news reel on Monday, the 24th of June 2024, concerning the 2024 Ekinrin-Adde Day celebrations, which was held on Saturday the 22nd of June, 2024.

According to the information reported by TVC, the Akinrin of Ekinrin clan was referred to as the paramount ruler of Ekinrin-Adde and that the event was coming about a year after he was upgraded to a First Class King. Oba Kolade Otitoju was also interviewed and labelled as the Akinrin of Ekinrin-Adde.

We write to inform the general public and the management of TVC that all the information provided in that report is greatly misleading and unacceptable.

We hereby re-direct the management of TVC to the following information as follows:

1. That Ekinrin-Adde has a paramount ruler who has been a First Class King since the year 2022.

2. That the name of the paramount ruler of Ekinrin-Adde Kingdom is Olu Anthony Bamigbaiye Idowu, ACA, CON and his title is the ‘Olu Adde of Ekinrin-Adde’.

3. That Ekinrin-Adde Day celebrations is a unifying annual cultural event that binds all sons and daughters of Ekinrin-Adde all over the world together and not limited to Ekinrin clan alone.

4. That the 2024 edition of Ekinrin-Adde Day celebrations is the 31st of its kind, and the 7th edition since the reign of the current Olu Adde of Ekinrin-Adde, Olu Anthony Bamigbaiye Idowu, ACA CON

5. That Oba Kolade Otitoju, therein referred to as Akinrin of Ekinrin-Adde, is the Akinrin of Ekinrin clan; a fraction of Ekinrin-Adde Kingdom and that there’s nothing like Akinrin of Ekinrin Adde.

6. That Ekinrin clan had earlier celebrated Akinrin Day on the 8th of June and all correspondences about the 2024 Ekinrin-Adde Day Celebrations should not be attributed to Ekinrin clan or its leadership.

7. That we do not know the motives behind the confusing broadcast of the TVC, but we are aware that the leadership of the television is privy to the hierarchical structure of the traditional rulers in Ekinrin Adde community and their titles.

8. That this broadcast is capable of causing communal conflict and disunity among the sons and daughters of Ekinrin Adde community and in view of that we seek a prompt redress and proper articulation of Ekinrin-Adde 2024 celebrations, for representation to the general public.

9. We urge the management of TVC to give due recognition to the paramount ruler of Ekinrin Adde kingdom in their broadcast; we reiterate the name of the paramount ruler of the community as Olu Anthony Bamigbaiye Idowu, ACA, CON.

10. We also want to use this opportunity to tell the management of the TVC to avoid making any unverified and unacceptable remarks that’s capable of causing communal clash when reporting any information about Ekinrin Adde community.

Oladele Isaac
For: Concerned Ekinrin Adde Citizens

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