2023: WardChat Connects Nigerian Voters Across 8802 Political Wards, Olayinka Urge Electorate to Download App

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Nigerians have been urged to connect with the latest social media application ‘WARDCHAT’ to connect voters all-over the world and ward level at large for easy voter’s connectivity.

Speaking with the WardChat creator, Tunde Olayinka, over the weekend, he explained that the app was created to connect voters at the ward level after realizing that every polling unit is a community of voters where on the average, a polling unit has semi-permanent address of eight hundred people tied to a polling unit.

Olayinka further explained that the best way to influence people at the polling unit is to create a connectivity where people can relate and a platform where they can connect at the ward level.

He noted that all users are to download the WARDCHAT app from the Google Play Store and enter his electoral profile where he votes, the ward, polling unit and the state, saying this will automatically match the user with other users with same similar profile all over the world like Facebook app.

Olayinka added that wardchat is primarily to connect voters based on same electoral profile to Foster and create relationship at the ward level for people to connect at the very critical point “that is the ward level where decisions are made”.

Earlier, the inventor explained that wardchat was built like mix of Facebook and Twitter where you can follow any voter from your ward based on opinion with a goal for voters to connect.

He advised Nigerians to download the WARDCHAT app with the size as low as 34MB, saying “as a nation we need to build our own industry in the space which will satisfy our own requirements where the whole electoral structure of Nigeria with 774 LGAs and 8802 wards has been built into an app for our good. 

Wardchat creator further shed light that it is a non partisan platform but just a social media.

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