2023 Reps Race: Group Makes Case for Adedoyin, Calls for Adherence to Rotation Principle

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The Sola Adedoyin Media Campaign Network has called on stakeholders across Kabba-Bunu /Ijumu federal constituency to rally support for the Ekinrin Adde-born chief, in the spirit of the long existing internal democracy that have existed in the in the federal constituency.

Hon Adedoyin is a frontline contender for House of Representative ticket under the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

Speaking to some stakeholders in Kabba town on Saturday, the group said Hon Sola Adedoyin remains the best aspirant for the job, as a grassroot man who is available and easily accessible.

The group said the existing rotational pattern upon which the election into the green chamber has rested favours Ijumu Arin, which is the only axis of the federal constituency that is yet to enjoy the slot under this dispensation.

According to the group, the wisdom of both the traditional and political fathers, that instituted rotation arrangement to engender peace and harmonious coexistence, must not be trashed.

Stressing further in historic perspectives, the group said: “the first slot in this dispensation was enjoyed by Chief Abiodun Ojo, one of the political fathers in Ijumu, who hails from Ijumu Oke.

“After his four year tenure, he willingly relinquished the position to Kabba Bunu, from where, based on existing understanding, it was zoned to Bunu where Hon. Duro Meseko clinched the position.

“When it returned to Ijumu, it was Senator Dino Melaye from Gbede Ijumu, that was supported to win the slot.

“After Melaye’s four year, Ijumu people supported Hon T.J. Yusuf to enjoy three terms at a stretch.

Now that Hon Yusuf has decided to let go the slot, it is expected to return to Ijumu Arin which is the only axis left.

The group says its expectation is for political leaders to raise their voices in defence of the pattern of rotation, they fought hard to establish, adding that, if they look the other way at a time like this, it will amount to a back seal in posterity.

Meanwhile, the group attested to the core strength of Chief Adedoyin in humility, party loyalty and selfless service.

“Adedoyin has in three occasions, been persuaded by the his party, the People Democratic party, to step down for other persons which he did in humility and in the interest of his party. This should be a payback time for the grassroot man,” the group stressed.

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