2023 Presidency: Gov. Yahaya Bello’s Candidacy Will Ensure Security, Stability, Peace – Danga

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The North Central Geopolitical Zone of Nigeria consists of Six States Namely; Benue, Kogi, Niger, Kwara, Plateau, and Nasarawa as well as the Federal Capital Territory.

The Zone has served as the string which holds the country together in difficult times. Since the independence of Nigeria in 1960. On every occasion when the unity of the country was under extreme stress and it appears that the country will disintegrate, people of the North Central Zone have been relied upon by the rest of the country to step up and provide stability, douse tension and provide strong, Wise and determined leadership.

It could be recalled that less than six years after Nigeria gained independence, there was a military coup, and many political leaders North and South West were murdered. The threats of secession and disunity were rife, the entire country had to rely on then Colonel Yakubu Gowon, a young military officer from the North Central to step in and halt the descent into the abyss.

At that critical time in the nation, Gowon was the only officer acceptable to and trusted by other officers in the Nigerian armed forces from both the North and South.

He was the one who also led the country out of the 30 months of civil war.

Again in 1998, Nigeria as a nation was faced with a crisis arising from the annulment of the June 12th election of 1993. The agitation to return to democracy almost tore the nation apart.
Nigeria relied on another middle-aged officer from the North Central zone General Abdulsalami Abubakar to successfully restore normalcy and midwife the return to democracy as a way of dousing the tension seeking to consume the country.

Abubakar Abdulsalami conducted Peaceful Credible election which led to the present Democracy that Nigeria presently practice.
Unfortunately, Nigeria is at the brink again as it then was in 1966 and 1998. We are being faced with threats of disunity, agitation for self-determination, and clamoring for secession. The current tension is made worse by the vicious attacks waged by insurgents, and other criminal activities across the country that have stretched thin the capacity of the country’s military.

Regrettably the North Central zone is yet to produce a democratically elected president since Nigerian returns to civil rules, therefore the 2023 election is a golden opportunity for the zone to realize the much anticipated vision and mission of an elected President from among the states of zone.

As we are going into another round of elections are shopping for who would succeed President Muhammadu Buhari in 2023 to be one who can restore genuine Unity and confront the numerous security challenges headlong.

Such a great leader with the needed credential can only be found in the North Central geopolitical zone and only one name usually comes to mind.
” Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State”

A man who has been known the world over for his dogged dedication to the securities of lives and properties in the state he is currently governing.

Governor Yahaya Bello has a presidential candidate from North Central Zone who can easily win the trust of the rest of the country. Unite the country, build a cohesive country and virulently work on the security and economic problems of Nigeria.

Yahaya Bello as Nigeria’s president would perform excellently well in keeping the country together in peace and development.

One good development is that he has age on his own side which would be of advantages for him to work round the clock to achieve the desired aspirations of most Nigerian.

– Hon Abdulmumuni Danga
Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources

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