2023 Polls: Political Brigandage Alien to Our Cultural Values – Mopa Welfare Society

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A non-political association, Mopa Welfare Society, has called for restraint in the build up to the February and March 2023 general elections.

Reacting to a recent incident where suspected thugs destroyed campaign materials of opposing political party in the ancient town, the National President of the association, Elere Samuel, said political brigandage will not be tolerated in Mopa.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, Mopa Welfare Society said political violence is alien to the cultural values of the community.

“Mopa Welfare Society will be eighty years old this year as a non political association. As the highest umbrella body of all Mopa people home and abroad, the job of the society is to promote all activities that can enhance the peace, progress, goodwill and development of our community. Whatever contradicts these values are completely antithetical to our people’s desire for a greater MOPA. Hence it is very important for us to make our position clear to all and sundry that we do not promote and therefore will not condone political hooliganism in Mopa land.

“Due to the above, the National Executive Committee of Mopa Welfare Society duly informed selected stakeholders across parties, security operatives and traditional Council including the candidates of a ‘peace parley’ to be held at our Secretariat Mopa on Friday 3rd February 2023.

“Alas, none of the candidates of the parties attended the meeting. This is big blow and insult to the dignity of Mopa Traditional Council that sent the Otunba of Mopa (at his old age), Oba, Odole, Oba Iloke and Oba Adogbe to the meeting.  The Chiefs, CAN, Security agencies were on ground too. Only Folorunsho Olafemi and Jones Daniel called to explain reasons for their absence and Jones sent representatives.

“As at the time of writing this, pockets of politically related violence has been reported to the Welfare Society by security agencies and concerned citizens. While not apportioning blames, we are stressing in strong terms that, the Mopa Traditional Council and the Mopa Welfare Society do not want any further escalation of political aggression in Mopa Community.

“Let it be noted that Mopamuro people have been contesting and winning elections beyond the shores of Mopa land and many will still be contesting in future, so as the smallest local government with the least votes and polling units, it is foolhardy to incur the wrath of other larger societies by the rash behavior of a few thereby giving us the tag that does not belong to us,” he said.

Elere said consultation is ongoing with critical stakeholders of the community and actions would be communicated as “appropriate against this very odd and ugly occurrence in Mopa Kingdom.”

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