2023 Okene/Ogori-Magongo Reps Seat: Presenting Leonard Omuya Peters, a Seasoned Leader

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Leadership, as defined by various people, is the capacity to lead. It is not certain that one must occupy a political office before attributes of leadership can be exhibited. Affirmatively, a leader is born, not made. 

In Nigerian politics, the responsibility to lead has no role yet to play, owing to the insensitivity of individuals to carefully scrutinize, choose quality over redundancy. 

There is no dubitation that in a short period, Nigeria will be coming out in mass to keenly specify its fate and decision on who rules over them for the next four years, and the choices to remain stagnant or actuate to greater acme of distinction lies in choices of the citizens/electorates.

Okene/Ogori-Magogo Federal constituency in focus: all eyes on the baton. Who becomes the voice of the people? Who can the people entrust their votes on without fear. Years of worry and misrepresentation are over, a new dawn for a voice of our own is in the race to give rise to your voices.

In the words of Theodore M. Hesburgh; “the very essence of leadership is that you have to have a vision. You can’t blow an uncertain trumpet”. This goes to strengthen it more fathomably that, one can’t give what he doesn’t have. It is deception to ever come with such ideology.

If we must put a close assessment of representation in the last years, there has been a noticeable difference in representation but it’s never to the satisfaction of the people, accordingly, there is a need for more to be done, hence the people deserve more.

Okene/Ogori-Magogo federal constituency is made up of people of remarkable qualities, outstanding and irresistible expose to intellectualism. If this degree of excellence defines people of the constituency at the green chamber, it is a dream come true.

It is in the earnest wishes of the people to have a taste of what good representation is, therefore, it becomes conspicuous to think about how to go about it this time, having the people to rest confidence and trust in a selfless leader, an articulate leader who is always determined to go beyond his miles redefining representation. A man whose influence and generosity is nobly sensed by the people.

As the clocks tickle, and the hope heightens, Okene/Ogori-Magogo deserves a man with impeccable character, a man who is geared up to unite, prosper, a leader who will doubtlessly magnify your voice, the voice of the masses at the green chamber, one who can be trusted with a leadership position.

In a search, does Leonard Peters come to mind? Yes!

A staunch supporter of the All Progressive Congress (APC), a man who possesses characteristics of a good leader, a former chairmanship aspirant who made uncountable efforts and sacrifices for the growth of the party in the state, and also at the local level.

Hon. Leonard Peters is a businessman mogul with a distinguished wealth of experience, which drives his successful businesses across the nation. He is a core socialite, admired by the people and familiar with his people.

His simplicity, good character that best defines leadership is the approval of innovative ideas which are always aimed at proffering solutions to issues oftentimes, take the people by surprise. 

His magnanimity and act of generosity didn’t start along with his political aspirations, as many other aspiring politicians usually do, “Im own na follow come”.

It is with his uttermost sincerity and trustworthiness Hon Leonard stand to liberate his people and stands as a voice to the people of Okene/Ogori-Magongo. The pillar of the people, a shoulder and arms of leadership that accommodates oneness, unity, a voice that will speak the yearning of his people.

Leonard Peters has become an admirable name in every household, a man who is passionate about the well being of his people. As a businessman who has never held political office, yet his developmental footprint is felt in every corner of the state. He has been able to influence the development of his community, and beyond. His investment in education is inspiring, thereby signifying that he is built and is ready to breed the next generation of leaders through proper representation at the green chamber.

Through his foundation, Hon. Leonard has been able to reach out to lives positively, empowering youths and women to complement the present government in reducing unemployment and crimes.

As the day approaches, it is pertinent to note that Okene/Ogori-Magongo Federal constituency deserves better with Hon. Leonard Peters.

– Ibrahim J. Muhammed

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