2023: I Want to Bring Succour to the People of Ankpa, Omala, Olamaboro – NNPP Rep Aspirant, Sani Ahmed

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In an interview with our correspondent, a renowned businessman, politician and chieftain of New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP), Alhaji Sani Ahmed Mohammed talked about his ambition to contest for the House of Representatives seat in 2023 and choice of party.


Who is Alhaji Ahmed Sani?

My names are Alhaji Ahmed Sani Mohammed. I was born into royalty and hails from Ankpa local government area of Kogi state. I am a business man with interest in real estate, oil and gas, travel consult. I am presently the Vice Chairman, North Central of NANTA. I graduated from the Usman Dan Fodio University, Sokoto with a BSc in Management Science, and masters degree in Business Management.

Over two decades ago, I set foot on the paths and to say the least, my experience in the political realm has been quite encouraging and challenging. Being in politics has opened my eyes to a lot of issues that I hitherto gave no consideration.

For instance, we have come to know that the overarching responsibility of political leaders is to meet the needs and aspirations of the people over whom they lead and that without that sense of obligation, and sincerity of purpose, there is no need for political engagement. We have come to realize that when good people do not get involved in these things, the bad guys will always hold sway and the lots of the people would always remain worse for it.

We have also been able to reflect that politics is not altogether dirty but the minds of individual politician may be dirty. We went into politics out of discontent with the prevailing order of things and a determination to replace them with a better political environment.

We venture into politics with a dream, a vision and a mission to liberate our people from the strangle hold of conservative element, and to reverse the trend of underdevelopment of our community and people.

As a man who is playing politics with morality, equity and justice, I know too well that what Allah has ordained is a miracle and no one is big enough to constitute himself an obstacle when Allah is willing to perform a miracle.

One of the ancient oriental philosophers and sage said, “Remembering a wrong is like carrying a burden on the mind…Even as a solid rock is unshaken by the wind, so are the wise unshaken by praise or blame.” I have come to the realization of the common fact that one moment can change a day, one day can change a life time and one changed life can change things around the world.

I have come to change things in Ankpa-Omala-Olamaboro federal constituency and the people shall soon come to terms with my assertions, by the special grace of God.

Why did you decide to join the NNPP. What is the ideology behind the formation of the party?

Many have watched with keen interest the present political happenings in the country and have come to the conclusion that the behemoths – APC and the PDP – have failed the people of this country.

The PDP came into the governance of this country when the military decided that democratic governance was the way to go. The PDP wasted the goodwill and the people decided to turn to the APC, because of its change mantra.

The broom revolution was embraced by the people who thronged out en mass to support the alternative to the ruling PDP. The Buhari regime that came after the people voted out the PDP has today been adjudged by majority of our people to have failed in all its ramifications. The people today have called for a viable alternative and this birthed the formation of the NNPP, who hopefully, is today the panacea to clean the democratic and economic mess those two parties created for our country.

We want to also know the political ideology of the new party, NNPP.

Very simple. The NNPP today is a child of necessity. The need to recruit the leadership that can fight the symmetric and asymmetric warfare of the citizens of this country against the present system where the people have been left rudderless to fight individually its battle is what brought about the creation and general acceptance of the party by the people.

Again, there is this realization that for us as a people and country to develop, we need a new type of politics dispensation and that is what mirrors the idea behind the formation of the party.

What are the economic philosophy of the NNPP. Is it a party that is formed under the idea of a socialist or capitalist ethos?

The world has really moved on from the socialist or communist trend. Our country today is moulded behind the capitalist economic mantrum. We in the NNPP, today, wants to introduce a new type of capitalism. An economic model which embrace the compassionate capitalistic trend that will take into recognition the fact that our people matters and all economic policies that recognises the agent seeking mantra against the progress of the majority of our people would be discarded. We will be very careful not to make some greedy segments of our society to be a god to their fellow human being by enacting policies that would take care of all. This party believes that as a people, we all matters.

Some people are already of the view that the NNPP is only there to respond to the political whims and caprices of Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso.

I can tell you with all sense of responsibility that the man, Senator Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso is not the founder of the party. NNPP has been there for the past 12 or so years. Rabiu Kwankwaso joined the party just recently and this party, I can tell you, would outlast all of us because it is not founded because of any individual. This is not to say that Kwankwaso is not a pillar in the party as I think he is one of the best politician that has come out from this part of the world and as the national leader of the party, we trust him.

Let us know turn our attention now to you as an individual. We heard on good authority that you are aspiring for the House of Representatives seat under the NNPP. Why House of Representatives?

After many years of political activities and political maturation, I have come to the conclusion that at this point in time, I have to go to the House of Reps to make a difference. I have consulted widely and sincerely. The results of this consultations shows my people want me to be that difference. The present occupier of that office, to my mind, has done the best he can and his best I think was not good enough.

Our people are yearning for a representative that can make a difference in their lives. A leader than can be trusted to impact their lives with developments and infrastructural amenities in all its physicality. The House of Reps is never a tea party. It is an arena for trading in ideas and making laws for the good governance of a country. I would, through my membership of the House of Representatives, introduce a new type of representatives dispensation that recognises my constituents as king and the source of my participation. I would draw developments to my people through consultative activities and introduce laws that would quicken the pace of developments of my people.

Your constituency seems to be the largest in the state and you are talking about lack of development at this time?

Our present situation, development wise, seems to be pathetic. This constituency, as you rightly said, is the largest in the whole of Kogi state. Like Nigeria, the problem is leadership and I can tell you the leadership resources we have recruited overtime lacks the basic knowledge of what we need to draw development to our door steps. I intend wholeheartedly to change this narratives for the benefit of our people.

What do you think your decision to contest for the seat portends for the people?

When I decided to come out and contest, I saw the decision as a divine call after several requests from majority of our people. To me, the people, they see my decision as the end of the speculations as to whether or not I would acquiesce to their calls to represent them. My decision to contest portends the end of an era where the people are represented by leaders who do not have their interest at hearts.

We want to know why your people trust you so much?

I have paid my dues in the political landscape of this constituency and in recognition of my service to my people even as a businessman of repute, my people trusts me. My excellent relationship with all strata of the society especially the poor, the needy and my philanthropic gestures which recognizes the downtrodden as ones who needs our help – a lesson i learnt from my father – is a plus to my been trusted. I want to use my political life as a vehicle to better the life of our people.

Why do the people always trust and consistently call on you to serve them?

Trust has never been a commodity that can be bought, it is earned. My people have consistently asked me to serve them and I have heard their voices clearly and I think that it is time for me to acquiesce to their eternal demand. I have and will continue to leave an indelible and unerasable mark in my people’s development. I play the politics of compassion and my demeanor is a translucent glass of piety. I would bring succour to them.

If you are voted in by your people, what would be the focus of your legislative agenda?

By the grace of God, I will make empowerment programme one of my main priority, This is in addition to urban development and renewal, infrastructure for growth and industrial development and clamouring for a qualitative entrenched knowledge economy.

My legislative agenda completely is to focus on these key agenda through which I would deliver on my promises and targets for my people.

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