2023 Election: In Times Like This, Yahaya Bello is President Nigeria Needs

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There comes a time in the life of a country when all that is needed is a leader with the mindset and determination to effect generational change and take decisive action to right the wrongs in the land.

A leader with dogged determination to confront headlong the rising insecurity challenges in the country and without over stressing the obvious, now is the time that Nigeria as a country urgently need such a leader.

At this point in our national life, the ultimate desire of all well-meaning Nigerians especially in this season of its insecurity challenges and economic crisis is a visionary leader with a strong commitment to the restoration of peace and unity which are non-negotiable factors for any country to witness the development of any kind.

A time comes in the life of any nation when good men take the centre stage to reorder the course of events. A time comes in the life of any nation when men must stand up to say enough is enough.

At a time like this, what we are supposed to do is to pray for a leader whom God has chosen for us at this critical moment of dire political need.

From all available evidence of growth and prosperity, Gov. Yahaya Bello is that God ordained man to lead Nigeria in such a time as this one.

It is important to state that in the last six years under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello, Kogi State has experienced relative peace, unity and steady development.

Governor Bello remains an astute leader that promotes unity. A passionate unifier of the microcosm Nigeria in Kogi State.

He is a leader with an independent mind. To those who care to listen, Governor Yahaya Bello has done the unthinkable in Kogi State in view of providing a security architecture that has made the State the safest in the country. He has leveled the deepest ditch in the State, people now sleep with their two eyes closed.

His economic policies would no doubt end abject poverty in the country and build more infrastructure. He has broken his back for Kogi State to come alive again. The erudite and vibrant young Governor has marshalled all the necessary strategies to halt the self-aggrandizement, ghost working, political gluttony, and power-mongering in the state.

For the first time in Kogi State, we have come to face reality. The reality is that true governance is here to stay. Governance that promotes equity and fairness. Governance where the youth have their fair share of appointments and representatives from their various geopolitical and ethical suzerainty. The only government that has demonstratively reduced political superiority and inferiority complex and god-fatherism.

This is the first time in the state where every ethnic group has equal representation and no single ethnic group in the state is enjoying the monopoly of government and gratuitous masturbation.

This is the first time in the state where no single ethnic group either majority or minority will neither feel superior nor inferior over the other as the political sentiment and favouritism that characterized the past have been passionately thrown to the dustbin of history.

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State is the only Governor in Nigeria that complied and surpassed the 30% women participation in governance and youth inclusiveness.

If Yahaya Bello becomes Nigeria’s President he will certainly build a society where the fundamental rights of all citizens would be adequately protected.

For all watchers of good leadership, the time calls for deep thinking and it is in times like this that men like Gov. Yahaya Bello who have broken several jinx in bringing good governance to the doorsteps of the people needs to be supported and remains what Nigeria needs moving forward.

– Hon. Abdulmumuni Danga
Kogi State Commissioner for Water Resources

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