2019: Why Ishaq Asuku is The Right Choice to Represent Adavi State Constituency

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When you lead, others must follow you. This is one unique quality Ishaq Asuku has, his cult follower ship in Adavi local government.
But like the Afghan proverb that says if your leading and no one is following you, your only taking a walk.
Sadly their has been a gap of equity in the representation of Adavians at the state house of assembly, other clans in Adavi local government have had their fair share in the political sojourn in Adavi local government politics, the manipulation of power balance- more  succinctly the marginalization of Ozi Apasi in Adavi local government, such marginalization carry enormous consequence as it further cracks our collective unity. We must avoid the continuous thread of this path.
We are who we are by default, Ishaq Asuku deserves to be rallied round in his aspiration. He has paid his dues, the people believe in him, he commands cult followership, he is a philanthropist, he has touched lives, he is well read and well traveled, he has the extensive political contact to rally round his constituency or given this mandate.
The time for fairness and equity is now. He deserves to be given the mandate and he will deliver. The present government believes in fairness and equity and justice and I urge those with the instrumentality of brokering a consensus to stand up for equity as history will remember the roles we all play as we strive for a fair and equitable society without which genuine harmony and prosperity cannot thrive.
– Mujahid Aliyu Abubakar Adeiza

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