2019: Wemi Jones, The Character We Need in Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency

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As we’re working earnestly to have a workable representative in Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency, the thought of getting the best man to represent the people still remains sacrosanct.
The best way we can get a good leader in this liberal democracy is to carefully choose a leader among ourselves who stays close to the people. The productivity of the people and companies within economy drives economic growth, and when the people are productive and competitive, it means that the growth achieved is distributive as much as possible.
One of the cardinal agendas of Hon. Wemi Jones is Education. He will invest in quality education and skills development through legislations which is necessary to make the constituents world-class in terms of human capital. Jones believes human capital development combined with an environment that makes investment attractive that will generate interest from investors within and beyond our district to come to Okunland because of its top talents. Talents drive capital today.
We all know the big role Wemi Jones has been playing in community development and among his people in Bunu kingdom and there is no doubt he will do more if elected into office come 2019.
As he stands out among his contemporaries; he is the most credible candidate to trust for a better representation. He is capable of delivering the best leadership we can ever think of.
Wemi Jones is ready to disrupt the usual and former way of thinking to move the Federal Constituency forward. He wants to build a huge knowledge capital in Kabba/Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency. He is most suitable and fit for the seat and above all he is endowed with the charisma to deliver the good people of  constituents from the inept representation we have had in the past.
– Rufus Obafemi
For: Wemi Jones Media Team

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