2019: I am Not Intimidated by Male Opponents – Hon. Ekele

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Ankpa Omala and Olamaboro Federal Constituency, may be parading well-heeled politicians for House of Reps in 2019. Among those is the incumbent Hon Hassan Omala, Hon Abdullahi Ibrahim Halims, Hon Blessing Aishat Ekele and many others, but Mr. Hon Aishat Ekele believes that she has a good chance to win.
In this intriguing interview by Mr Gbenga Lolade, the Political Science graduate, Chief Executive of Empire Investment and a Mobiliser per excellence, outlines her plans for the people of her constituency and the state if elected. She said her people desperately needed a competent representative.
Enjoy it.
You’ve gone round your constituency in the cause of your campaign, from what you saw on ground, are you optimistic?
Yes! I am very optimistic. Its true i have gone round, I’ve held consultation beyond campaign. I have my strategy and its perfectly working for me. The People were very excited that I am in this race especially as a new breed and one who as kept contact with them for years. To them, its a pay back time
What do you mean by one who has kept contact with them?
It mean many things, i.e I have been in touch with my people right from primary school time to date, I am also a community person taking parts in everything that concerns them. Money mean nothing to our people but interactions either socially or traditionally. My contacts with them is intact.
Can you expatiate more on money meaning nothing to your people?
What I mean by money mean nothing to our people is that you don’t come to them and do show off. Our people detest bragging during elections. They are more concerns with individual records and your past relationship with the community. Coming to brandish money before our people would end up being your albatross. 2019 elections is not for the highest bidder. Our people don’t believe in vote buying.
There are claims that APC your party and government have zero it to a particular candidate. What is your take on this?
That is not true, our party cannot indulge in an anti Democratic action. We’ve had too many crises in Kogi State APC. Any attempt to impose candidate on the party is a panacea to anarchy and instability that would further divide the party and deepening our crises.
Already, two factions are laying claims to the Exco in the state.
My advice to all candidates is to prepare for free and fair primary rather than depending on one power somewhere to coronate you. It won’t just work that way.
It seems you are the only female in the race, are you not intimidated by your male counterparts?
Why should I be? For your information I am not and can never be intimidated. I’ve what it takes to defeat them squarely. This election is about the people and not about gender differences. All I want is a fair contest. The past will work against my opponents. They were there at one point, our people would ask this question. So, I am confident of winning them anytime any day.
But you know that some of the aspirants were in politics before you and no the terrains better than you?
I disagree with you, politics is not about how long but how far. As I told you, I’ve my strategy to my chest. By the way, Who are these people? Is governor Yahaya Bello in politics before becoming governor? In this game you need to dot your I’s and cross your T’s and not the other way round. My last 2015 participation has adequately prepared me for future task.
Can you tell us your godfather?
No! I don’t have any godfather except God. He alone is enough for me in this race. I also have the people, the grassroots people. I am contended with that.
All the so-called godfather have failed the people in the past. So why should I seek for their support. I am here to change things.
But some people are saying you are yet to marry, won’t this affects your chances?
This is a good question. My marriage will be coming up later this year, the good thing is that we are so into each other and our both families are so happy for us. I will personally send my wedding invitation to u.
Can you tell us more about your husband?
For God sake this is my private affair. Anyway, I will send my IV to you. I won’t go further than this.
What are your specific plans for the people?
I am in this race to change the way politics is being play in my area. Our people hardly benefit from government. The past representatives have shortchanged our people. My immediate concerns is how to fix many things. Provides portable water, healthcare delivery, Educational facilities and provides opportunity to the struggling and weak ones.
I want to be the liberator of my people.
Many things have gone wrong in the past. I don’t want to mention names.You might not like me, but you cannot fault my claims about all I said.
My being in this race is all about the people and their betterment.
What is your relationship with the government? And some People are equally making the argument that you do not have any political experience
My relationship with the government is cordial, have you forgotten that iam a strong member of APC that tirelessly worked for the victory of the party from Presidential to governorship?
Is there any special kind of  experience than one acquired? What wonder­ful experience have anybody had in this state that would be measure or as yardstick?
All that is needed is vision and a new ways of doing things.
We need a paradigm shift.
Thank you for the time Hon, I wish the best of luck
You are welcome. Thank you too.

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