2019 Elections: A Must Read for Kogi Youths

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As 2019 elections draw very closer, Igala youths, I know that there may have started supplying some of you with all brands and model of guns, ammunitions, and other sophisticated weapons and as well taking you guys to Ibaji and other places for spiritual matchet-proof, bullet-proof, bottle-proof and other diabolical fortification with 100% full assurance that it can’t fail you, in order to enable you sneak into unnecessary political war against their perceived opponents confidently without harboring any modicum of fear but I advise you to reflectively glance back at the historical antecedents and look keenly and concentratedly how the life of all the strongest and mightiest youths of Igala extractions, especially those of Anyigba, Ejule down to Idah who were in time past used by heavyweight politicians for such a daring adventure, ended up.
Before they use confraternity, millions and promises to deceive or attract you into thuggery at the 2019 upcoming elections, have a rethink and ask yourself the following key questions; of what benefit is it for you to make money you can’t fully and conveniently enjoy with your friends, family members and other lovers ? what is the essence of going into a business you will use the gains to build house(s) and other establishments that may soon been burn into ashes?, that is after your bullet might have kill or your opponent’s bullet might have kill you.
Ask yourself why the bodyaciously huge children, friends, brothers and loved ones of those who are recruiting or about to recruit you into thuggery are not party to it.
My brother look for other way of survival instead of you to die for  politicians who only remember you during electioneering period of every quadrennial (four) years while they go on proceeds and vacations in Dubai and other foreign countries with their children because, they will definitely dump and not even remember you until another time of election.
Youths be wise, collect their money, remember to use your street intelligence as they will not be following you when the inexterminable fire there are preparing you for may consume you.
Forget their political philanthropism and mouth watering compassionate scopes, they did not value your life at all, if they do, they won’t have fortified and armed you to go for a fight at this promising age, when your mates are in an air conditioned offices earning above the token they want to deceive you with.
A word is enough for the wise…!
– Godwin Jibrin Bakwo 
An advocate of peace.

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