2019 Assembly Race: Elijah Atebije is Out to Salvage Okura Constituency

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I write with so much happiness in me to commend Hon. Elijah Atebije for the giant strides he has made in the politics of Okura Constituency and Kogi state in general.

Since Hon. Atebije officially picked his nomination form to contest for State House of Assembly – Okura constituency election, come 2019, I see it as nothing but a big encouragement for you to continue your contribution to the welfare of your dear constituency.

Ordinarily, I am always very critical of political office holders, especially when they are not living up to expectations. I find it difficult to commend their efforts no matter how hard they try in their various capacities. They are elected to serve, and therefore need not to be commended for doing their jobs. However, I so much believe in Hon. Elijah Atebije’s capacity and ability to pilot and represent our dear constituency in the best possible way.

I have never met Hon. Elijah Atebije on a one-on-one occasion before but I have always believed in the positive emancipation he will unravel to the people of Okura constituency if elected.

Recent happenings in our Constituency compelled me to pick up myself and deliver my very best support for the man I so much believe with the hope to draw your attention and also the attention of the general public.

It is unfortunate that the kind of representation we are witnessing in our constituency today is what I tag “toothless representation”

Hon. Elijah Atebije is a man with great zeal and moral standing to checkmate corruption and give fair representation to his constituents. Under his leadership, we will begin to see some rays of hope.

Vote Hon Elijah Atebije as Member, Kogi State House Of Assembly,  Okura Constituency come 2019!

– Adaji Gabriel

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