2019: ADC Will Salvage Kogi State – Dan Isah Assures Positive Ihiabe, Dekina-Bassa Electorates

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Kogi State Chairman of African Democratic Congress (ADC), Comrade Isah Daniel has bemoaned the growing poverty level in the state occasioned by the anti-people policies of the Yahaya Bello-led administration.

He call on members of ADC in Dekina and Bassa local government areas of Kogi State to promote the ideals and philosophy of the party in the nooks and crannies of councils.

He made the call during a meeting of ADC supporters in Dekina-Bassa Federal constituency at Hon. Positive Abdul Ihiabe’s residence in Udaba-Aji Dekina on Saturday.

Isah, who was the Director General of Audu-Faleke campaign organization in the 2015 Kogi governorship election, commended the party loyalists for their resilience and commitment in face of injustice, persecution and intimidation.

He assured them that ADC will leave no stone unturned in her determined quest to salvage Kogi State and correct the current anomalies.

He informed the gathering that ADC is set to take over Lugard House and re-position the state for greatness.

The party chief recalled how he questioned God and found it difficult to pick telephone calls after the Supreme Court ruling on Kogi governorship election.

“After the Supreme Court judgement, I stopped picking calls or observing morning devotion with my family because I found it hard to believe God will allow it. If there is God how can people labour for something and other group of people, who didn’t know anything about it, are enjoying it? But I was called to order by Hon. James Faleke. Faleke counseled that I ask God for forgiveness, which I did. Only God knows what would have happen if Prince Abubakar Audu did not die, maybe this people would have been his enemies by now.

“Leadership comes with a price. We must thank God for Hon. Positive Ihiabe’s life. He is a great facilitator, a lover of Igala nation and Kogi State at large.

“I met some Kogi state elder statesmen and told them that I made it clear to them that I am not interested in contesting for any political position but I am worried about the rate of poverty in the state, Kogi people are dying. I urged the statesmen to go round the state, reconcile with one another and build fortified bridges across all divides so we can all join hands to salvage Kogi State from the current unbearable anguish,” he said.

He called on the people to embrace ADC and  spread the gospel of ADC down to the smallest hamlets in Dekina/Bassa federal constituency.
Hon. Positive Abdul Ihiabe, in his address, thanked the Kogi ADC chairman and his entourage for coming to dine and wine with them.
He pledged to propagate ADC with his last breathe.
The spokesperson of Bassa people, Comrade Gwanana Gweese said Bassa people are happy with the new development.
“All Progressives Congress (APC) started with a gathering that is smaller than this before it blossomed. Unfortunately, APC is withering now. The Kogi ADC chairman is a trustworthy person, we have worked with him before and ready to work with him again.
He assured the ADC chairman that Bassa people are ready to work with him and promised to intensify publicity and massive mobilisation in local government.

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