2019: Activist Advise Gov. Bello to Run For a Ward Councillor

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By Chidi Amadi, Enugu.
Comrade Ojo Martins Mejabi, a journalist and one of the leading activists and social critics in Kogi State has said that Gov. Bello should run for the position of a ward Councilor in the next election, if only the governor is interested in vying for any position.
The comrade who expressed this in a round table chat with his colleagues in Enugu recently said he’s very optimistic that if Gov. Bello contest for the forthcoming gubernatorial election would have no choice than to face a downright rejection.
According to him, the governor will gallantly lose his bid into Lugard house owning to what he described as failure and incompetence on the part of the governor to deliver good governance in the form of dividend of democracy to his teeming population.
He further stated that Gov. Bello, in his more than two years of government has shown nothing but a show of sheer failure, rascality, vulgar life and incompetence in handling affairs of the state and government businesses.
In an infuriated mood, the activist  furthered that since the governor came into office in less than three years back,
have demonstrated a show of executive exuberance, failure and epic show of executive caricature of the office of the governor. Adding that in the main time, the people of Kogi have been gasping under the executive whipping. There have been no salary and emolument regardful.  And no projects to speak of. Only to see the governor galvanizing and engaging in matters that does not promote the agendas of good governance and better life through equitable provision of social amenities to enhancing  economic productivity in the state, except as he’s only motivated, delighted and desirable in jumping into the fire if the President Buhari tells him to do so. And or spraying of monies on the roads and in the market places for the same people he refuses to pay. He stated.
He however said this alibis  bereft the governor for the executive position and therefore he should be advised to run for a ward Councillor, if he’s interested in a political office in the forthcoming election.
Meanwhile, the activist finally dropped by enjoining the citizens of Kogi state to secure their PVC ready to bid for their destines comes 2019.

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