Dino, Amade Duo: Kogi’s Most Potent National Assembly Combination

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“One shall chase a thousand, and two shall put ten thousand to flight,” says the Good Book.

The combination of Senator Dino Melaye and Comrade Amade Godwin Edime in the Nigerian Senate would be the most potent and irresistible duo ever any state can parade in relation to putting forward issues regarding their state.

In fact, it is unthinkable that Kogi State would lose out in the sharing of ‘national cake’ especially when appropriations that require the nod of the National Assembly are concerned under the noses of Amade and Dino on the floor of the Red Chamber.

However, for persons oblivious of the capabilities of Comrade Edime, a visit at www.amadeedimeforsenate.com.ng would be the best description. Furthermore, for Dino, perhaps, the ill-fated recall is the best reference of his impeccable representation.

Therefore, If Kogi East on the one hand, can jettison all sentiments and  parochially motivated political party consideration and push this ‘Lion King’ called Amade to the Senate, then Kogi West, on the other hand successfully returns the most fearless Senator of our time-Dino Melaye, one can bet that there won’t be any Kogi Bill that won’t sail through in the National Assembly.

The pact between Amade/Dino and Kogi youths would be that Ajaokuta Steel Complex, Itakpe Iron Ore, Ibaji Petroleum deposit, Okaba Coal Mine and a host of others will either be given speedy attention by the Federal Government or no vehicle will pass through Kogi State to either South-East, South-West or South-South. That is the task that will be put before Amade and Dino, with the unflinching support the entire youths in Kogi State.

That is the plan! Let’s Vote for Amade from Kogi East wing, and let Kogi West return Dino from the Kogi West flank. It’s now or never, Kogi must be great!

– Enejoh Ojoto Solomon

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