Yagba East Debacle: Chairman’s Aide Attempts to Shoot Colleague


As the dust raised by the recent protests by staff of Yagba East Local Government Council is yet to settle, an aide of the embattled LGA Chairman, Otunba F. G. Ibrahim (a.k.a Azuri) has reportedly made attempt to shoot a colleague believed to be on the side of the protesting workers.

The said aide to Azuri, Mr. Mahmud Yahaya, is the acting HOD Works, Project Monitoring Supervisor, and Secretary to the LG Finance and General Purpose Committee which is the highest decision making body which the chairman chairs.

It will be recalled that that Mahmud Yahaya allegedly used his car to hit a staff of the council, Olu Ajakaiye, with  intention to kill him a week  after the mass protests because Olu Ajakaiye was seen to be against the Azuri-led government.

Olu Ajakaiye made a report at the police station in Isanlu but the case was reportedly swept under the carpet after Azuri’s intervention.

An eye witness reported that the same Mr Olu Ajakaiye was passing through the Yagba East Council Works Department corridor yesterday with the intention of going to collect his transfer letter, as the LGA Chairman allegedly requested that 14 council staff whom he perceived to be the brains behind the liberation movement among the staff be transferred from Yagba East council as punishment,  when the acting HOD, Mahmud Yahaya directed him to leave his corridor for him. Ajakaiye reportedly answered that inasmuch as he has been issued his transfer letter,  he is still a staff of the Works Department, Yagba East Council.

Mahmud allegedly told Ajakaiye that he will kill him if he refuses to leave and went straight to his car, brought out a gun and was trying to load the gun.

Mahmud's Car Boot where he kept his gun

Mahmud’s Car Boot where he kept his gun

It was then that Olu Ajaikaye knew he was serious and rushed to grab him and later withdrew to get a chair to hit him but was prevented from doing so.

He immediately went straight to the police station to make a report and the new DPO brought his men to arrest Mahmud yahaya but the Vice Chairman attempted to prevent him from being arrested, telling the police that the incident was a family matter that will be settled but other council staff added their voice and insisted that Mahmud must be arrested. The worried and perplexed council staff posited that Mahmud did not only threatened, he attempted to shoot but grabbed from behind therefore preventing him from shooting.

Yagba East staff with Mahmud's gun after preventing him from shooting Olu Ajakaiye

Yagba East staff with Mahmud’s gun after preventing him from shooting Olu Ajakaiye

Few minutes after Mahmud Yahaya’s arrest, the LG Chairman, F. G. Ibrahim reportedly direct the Police DPO to release him on bail for him.

Tongues are wagging within and around the council that the chairman is making it a do or die affairs because he is reportedly re-recruiting the thugs he used for revenue drive during Madrin period for political support at the moment.

Yagba East DPO with Mahmud Gun

Police DPO at Yagba East Council premises


However, as at press time, Olu Ajakaiye had reportedly gone to Lokoja, the state capital, to lodge a formal report at the Homicide Department because he feared that the LG chairman will not allow the case to see the light of the day.

Kogireports.com gathered that the Police DPO at Isanlu and Mahmud Yahaya has been summoned to reports at Police headquarters, Lokoja.