Smart Adeyemi Continuity is Signed and Sealed by God – Comrade Amodu Ibikunle


I have watched the opposition and or enemies of greatness on cyber space in the recent time with alarm and utmost sadness accusing the most respected, most celebrated, highly dignified, hardworking and the most outstanding Senator in the history of Kogi State. It is pertinent to educate the educated illiterate whom out of greed and selfishness condemn the good work of our highly reputable Senator.

To set the record straight to the facebook politicians and opposition of any form who keep ranting on Social media and or online media like viruses. Each time I see negative  post, article and or comment with cheap blackmail the only question I think of is; are those opposition blind?

Let’s shun politics of hypocrisy, let’s shun pointless sentiment that add no growth to the development of our dear kingdom. I have provided more than enough evidence in my previous write-ups, listed countless achievement by Sen. Smart Adeyemi and back it up with photographs for posterity sake.

Oh Yes! It is no more news that Sen Smart Adeyemi single handedly facilitated the construction of Kabba-Ilorin Federal Highway, built blocks of classrooms, constructed roads, built clinics, donated ambulances, assist Youth and students financially in school. Not forgetting that the primary objective of a Senator is to make law as a Law maker.

Glory be to God, the long awaiting Multi-Million naira  Kabba Township stadium has been completed and well equipped. Where were these noisemakers when Sen. Smart Adeyemi Constructed  cottage Health Centre in Igbaruku Yagba East, in Odo-Ere and other axis of Kogi West?

Where were these backbiters when Sen. Smart Adeyemi  facilitated the construction of 30 lock-up shops in Odu-Egbe, EGBE, Yagba West L. G. A.?

Where were these ‘Homo Erectus’ when Sen.Smart Adeyemi Constructed a  multi- purpose hall in Kotonkarfe, Kogi L. G. A., Renovation of Kabba Town hall, Renovation of PDP Secretariat in Lokoja L.G.A. and Empowered Dayo Musa for soap manufacturing in Aiyeteju Amuro, Mopamuro L. G. A.?

It is no longer news that over five hundred students across institution in Kogi state are to be given scholarship and the collation of details  is in progress in collaboration with National Association Of Okun Students (NAOS) National secretariat. Indeed, Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world (Nelson Mandela).

Good turn deserves another. Kind hearted, most humbled, articulated and ever pragmatic  Smart Adeyemi deserves another four years in office. A leader with no bias mind, A selfless leader, A leader with no trace of corruption, A leader  who takes unity as his watchword, A leader who listen to the yearning of common people, A leader who is transparent and very consistent.

A Leader who will never fall into vulgar mistake of dreaming that he is persecuted whenever he is contradicted, A leader who pay no attention whatever to anybody’s praise or blame. He simply follow his own feelings and do what will benefit the masses.

However, I challenge all opposition who found fun in cheap blackmail to wake up from their slumber and face the reality. Shun the politics of hypocrisy. Stop instigating thugs with stomach infrastructure to blackmail or condemn the good work of Sen. Smart Adeyemi.

Constructive critics is allowed, criticising with no fact is child’s play. The infrastructural developments are physically on ground and other numerous achievement of Sen. Smart Adeyemi are all visible. So why the critics?

In God we trust, Sen. Smart Adeyemi has been tested and trusted. He is the best man and most suitable dogged fighter to free Kogi West from it oppressors. He has done it before, he has been doing it before now he has never retire doing it until success is fully achieved. May God in his infinite mercy continue to guide and protect him from the enemies of progress.

May God spare his precious life to achieve and or transform Kogi West for this generation and generation unborn. ‘atari ajanaku kin se eru omode’

God bless Sen. Smart Adeyemi’s continuity!
God bless Kogi West!!
God bless Nigeria!!!

Comr. Amodu Ibikunle Abubakar
Coordinator: Sen.Smart Adeyemi Youth and Students Network