Petition: Investigate Senator Dino Melaye Now!


As concerned constituents of Kogi West senatorial district, we’re getting more worried about the flamboyant lifestyle of who we should naturally look up to as a role model.

We’re not disappointed as a people but instead regret our actions/inactions during the 2015 poll that produced a spendthrift like Mr Melaye as a NASS member, we’re however prepared to correct our mistakes in later days as the opportunity avail itself.

Mr Melaye who started earning a means of livelihood from gambling, political thuggery and blackmail had suddenly acquired properties worth billions of dollars both within the shores of the country and beyond; does it not give our anti graft agencies concern?

We recall his case with code of conduct bureau, up till date, nothing is heard due to the power of his connections; naira power; or APC POWER!! Why is he walking freely despite the account details and forgery committed in opening a foreign ACCOUNT which is contrary to the provision of our constitution?

The Aiyetoro born senator that emerged from a very poor family background but has acquired far more than his earnings within such a short time frame need to be quizzed for Justice and posterity sake.

Overtime, Sen. Dino has presented himself as a beacon of hope to miscreant youths who have come to see rascality as a means of livelihood. He trains them; he gives them incentives; he surrounds himself with them everywhere he goes.

This aberration from cultural norms and values is becoming a source of concern to our people who still believe in a decent way of livelihood.

The presence of Sen Dino Melaye ignites pandemonium and a consequent loss of lives. This unholy trend is what we rebuff in all its entirety.

On a concluding note, we wish to plead with relevant security agencies to tale this issue with all seriousness by probing into the finances and activities of Mr Melaye before things take a down turn.

– Ogbeni David Oni Sunday
Chairman, Centre for Global Innovation

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