Opinion: Political Muscle-Flexing Over Mere Wooden Bridge Between Bassa and Sheria

My local government, Bassa, is in a state of political ‘dashed-hope’. Within the last 48 hours, I have read claims and counter-claims, press release upon press release on who awarded the contract for the construction of a mere wooden bridge to link the good people of Bassa with Sheria and three other wards.
In a report, we were told that Hon. Benjamin Ikani Okolo, member representing Bassa/Dekina Federal Constituency at the National Assembly has awarded the contract for the construction of the wooden bridge to ease the transportation of goods and services.
In another report, we read that the Chief Administrator of Bassa LGA, Hon. Zakari Samuel Alumka has donated 1 million Naira for the construction of the same wooden bridge for easy transportation pending the completion of the on-going iron bridge awarded by the Kogi state government. According to his media aides, materials for the commencement of work are already on ground.
What is amazing me now is that, who among the two; Hon. Benjamin Okolo and Hon. Zakari Alumka, is constructing the bridge which is not up to three (3) kilometers?
Or, is it that everybody is constructing his own separately?
Curiously, both claimants belong to the All Progressives Congress (APC) and I believe the party will get the credit when this same 3 to 4 kilometers bridge is completed.
– Prince Adamu Ibrahim Alih
Member, National Youth Association of Bassa LGA.