Opinion: Kogi Assembly and Her Silence Over Closure of Higher Institutions in The State


Many students of the locked-up Tertiary institutions in the state have been using the social media to express their grievances over their predicament.

Kogi State House of Assembly which is supposed to represent the common man surprisingly has kept quiet over the ongoing industrial action by the Lecturers. Students are highly disturbed that a situation such as this that has kept students of higher institutions out of classes for over 4months seems not to be of concern to the House of Assembly.
Ordinarily, one would have expected the house of assembly to intervene by calling the two parties together for amicable resolution of the impasse.
I have always been critical about political office holders in Nigeria because they do not live up to expectation. I also find it extremely difficult to commend them for their various impacts on the societies because they are not doing the jobs for which they were been elected.
Critics of the ongoing crisis in the state particularly in social media often visit their anger on the executive, failing to understand that the house of assembly has equal role to play in the process.
I am compelled to express my view on the current situation particularly that Government has made several promises to reopen the schools but which is yet to materialize and nobody knows when the school will be reopened.
There is a need for the state house of assembly to redeem their current image that the public holds about them by partnering with the executive arm to resolve the issues.
I therefore appeal to the state Government to feel the pains the students of higher institutions that have been at home in the last four months.
The students are not happy, the parents and the general public are not equally happy. This is a means through which we can express our grievances since we can not demonstrate on the streets like others elsewhere. It’s incumbent on g the state Government to use the current peaceful atmosphere to do the needful.
Together we can make Kogi great again.
God bless Kogi State,
God bless Nigeria.
– Saliu I. Oluwatosin writes from Lokoja, Kogi state.

One thought on “Opinion: Kogi Assembly and Her Silence Over Closure of Higher Institutions in The State

  1. Salifu Yahaya

    my suggestion was that education should be position independent of government so as to ensure smooth and civilized running of educational programs,this is become unbearable, during the tenure of Alhaji Ibrahim Idris Ibro, we expressed the same, also happened during Cap. Idris Wada tenure, please I want to use this medium to thanks a philanthropist who is late now Alhaji ABUBAKAR Audu for his efforts as at then, May his gentle soul rest in the Bossom of Allah (Ameen).education must be neutral especially kogi State. Yahaya Salifu student Of LIS KSU Anyigba

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