Opinion: Gov Bello’s Curious 250k Gift to Oldest Mad Woman in Lokoja

Kogi State Governor, Alhaji Yahaya Bello, is at it again as he doles out N250,00 to a mad woman in Lokoja in the face of a  backlog of unpaid salaries and pensions.
Yesterday, the Governor stopped over at Obasanjo Square Roundabout in Lokoja and sent his Special Adviser on State Capital and Urban Development, Alhaji  Haruna Isah with a whooping sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira (N250,000) as a gift to the oldest mad woman in Lokoja, Hassana Gbadugbadu.
An eye witness who spoke through telephone, lamented how a Governor would stand by the roadside and waste such huge amount of money.
“How can Bello dash out N250,000 to a woman that is mad who does not know the value of what she’s holding, while pensioners that are older than her are dying due to non payment of their sweat”, he said.
Despite this wasteful spending by Governor Bello, some of his aides described Hassana Gbadugbadu as a trader.
That the Governor gave her the money to assist her on her business. A woman that is well known to be a lunatic, who spends the entire day dancing, hence the name ‘Gbadugbadu’, now referred to as ‘a market woman’  just because their lion lost another morality battle.
It would recalled that Governor Yahaya Bello has adopted a curious habit of ‘throwing money’ in various denominations on the streets, especially in the state capital, which is seen in some quarters as childish and waste of resources.
– Austin Okai

2 thoughts on “Opinion: Gov Bello’s Curious 250k Gift to Oldest Mad Woman in Lokoja

  1. Yahaya Omaye

    The money should have been handed over to trusted relations or the agency incharge of takimg cate of mad persons in the city.
    I hope the woman is keeping the money well.

  2. Alfa

    This must be fetish and carried out according to the dictates of some babalawos! Quite insane. Both the giver and the receiver need psychiatric attention.

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