Opinion: Bad Leaders Have No Ethnicity


After  witnessing the one year and one month of this administration of Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State I deem it fit to come up with this write up. Over the years it is believed that, bad leaders are exclusive reserve of a particular ethnic group in the State (the Igalas) because since the creation of the state, they have governed more than the other ethnic group. This believe is always exhibit through articles, Journals, and other means of communication in the state, but the current government has proved those who hold such believe wrong.

In fact, since the inception of this government most of them no longer write such articles, whether it is as a result of the fact that this government has disappointed them or they have realized that bad leaders is just an individual traits, I don’t know.

I have been waiting to read their write up on the bad governance of this administration but it is not forthcoming. That’s why I decided to come up with this one because I keenly followed all their articles leading to the last governorship election in Kogi State.

However, the present government has disappointed many people because of her unending screening which has run into a year and still counting. Through the screening, most genuine workers has been label as ghost workers, and as such has not been paid their salaries for ten to eleven months now. I have seen and heard about husband and wife who are victims of the screening. For God sake, how do you expect such people to cater for their family when they solely depend on salary for survival? The most worrisome aspect of it is that, we don’t know when the screening will end. Nobody knows whether those labeled as ghost workers will be cleared at the end of the screening, but in all things we do, we should remember that posterity will judge us all based on whatever actions we take today.

Also, all the state higher institutions are on an indefinite strikes which no one knows when it will be suspended. The students of these institutions can be easily exposed to conducts that are dangerous to their lives and the society at large. One thing the governor and all those in his cabinet should know is that, they are in that office by privilege and as such should use their lives time in office judiciously because they might not have the second chance to right the wrong in future.

– Samuel Ugbede Usman