Kogi West 2015: No Propaganda Can Stop Us – Smart Adeyemi Group


A coalition of different pro-Smart Adeyemi groups has reiterated her commitment to Senator Smart Adeyemi reelection bid come 2015.

The groups which after the coalition adopted the name Senator Smart Adeyemi Continuity Movement (SESACOM) spoke through her publicity secretary at the weekend assuring victory for Senator Smart Adeyemi at the polls despite various campaign of calumny, propaganda and lies against the distinguished senator.

The publicity secretary SESACOM, Comrade Alamoh Kehinde Samuel (Aks) who spoke from his Ward at the weekend before the ward congresses described Senator Senator Smart Adeyemi as a man who has sacrificed so much for his people and capable of ensuring the long awaited emancipation of our people from all forms of marginalization in the state and as a result deserve another chance.

In his words, “it’s so fortunate that we have someone like Senator Smart Adeyemi at the helm of affairs, we are long overdue for total emancipation in Kogi west. The senator has done so much for his people in terms of people empowerment and constituency development projects. Its so annoying when you hear people accuse the senator of non performance, what can be more of non performance when after producing about five federal ministers from Okun extraction  yet the Obajana/Kabba/Egbe road could not be fixed until it was recently awarded for construction courtesy Sen. Smart Adeyemi. If that is what some people call non performance, then we are being economical with the truth.”

“Secondly, we are also aware of  various political gimmicks and evil campaigns by the opposition and enemy of our common resolve to damage the character of the peoples senator and misinform the Public but I wish to make it clear that our faith and trust in God will only be strengthen and we will not be deterred from projecting the good work of the senator. The masses will have to know the truth about issues at hand. One of such issues is the undemocratic and kangaroo endorsement of Chief Tunde Olusunle as the preferred candidate for Kogi west. I make bold to say it’s indeed  unacceptable, politically undemocratic and an act of imposition for some group of people to decide for over 255delegates whom are constitutionally charged with the sole responsibility of deciding who becomes the party flagbearer or preferred candidate at ward congresses of the party”, he added

“The people will have to decide not Godfathers. The question is, has Tunde Olusunle purchased Expression of interest/nomination form out of sincerity or still running from pillar to post to purchase the form after the said endorsement, as am talking to you, am not sure he has. The point is, there are democratic laid down rules guiding the conduct of primary election of the party, so we expect everyone to follow the rules instead of trying to put the laws in their hands by taking unilateral decisions. There was no consensus reached as far as we are concerned, our support for the senator remain unshaken. The senator having lawfully purchased his nomination form will constitutionally partake in the party primaries and we are certain of victory.

“Let me also briefly comment on an article attributed to one faceless and non existing Titilayo who out of desperation to satisfy her paymasters tried to malign and cast aspersions on the name of the five local government chairman in Okun land whom out of support for the senator decided to purchased the nomination form on behalf of the senator. Every bit of the said article was a fabrication and unnecessary calculated attempt to misinform the general public, the so called article attributed to the jobless Titilayo is only a display of desperation and hopelessness. Some of us were privileged to be at the party secretariat when the five Local Government chairmen came to purchased the form, Mr. Ade Omofaye who was also at the secretariat to purchase his own form of expression for Ijumu House of Assembly has nothing to do with the Senator purchase of his intent form, so for the so called masquerade Titilayo to join unconnected issues together is a display of helplessness and frustration on her part and that of her paymaster. From the views of recent happenings, it’s obvious that some people are bent on doing whatever possible to blackmail the senator in order to achieve their selfish purpose thereby propagating and displaying their height of insensitivity to realities on ground.

“Well, as a group, we are saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that the masses know the truth,nothing but the truth.The party will conduct the ward congresses to elect delegates that will decide the outcome of the party primary elections,until then we urge people to always engage in constructive criticism instead of peddling falsehood he said.