Kogi Screening Report; Lists of Cleared Civil Servants (First Batch)


Kogi State Screening Committee Report 2017; Lists of Cleared Kogi workers from the appeal committee

22 MDAs listed below. We will upload other MDAs as soon as it is released.

#. State MDA/LGA Report Status Download
1. Summary of Local Government Service Commission Cleared  
2. State Pension Cleared  
3. State Auditor General Cleared  
4. Road Maintenance Agency Cleared  
5. Ministry of Water Resources Cleared  
6. Ministry of Transport Cleared  
7. Ministry of Local Govt and Chieftaincy Affairs Cleared  
8. Ministry of Justice Cleared  
9. Ministry of Finance Cleared  
10. Ministry of Environment Cleared  
11. Ministry of Commerce Cleared  
12. Ministry of Budget and Planning Cleared  
13. Kogi State Water Board Cleared  
14. Kogi State Sport Council Cleared  
15. Kogi Investment Cleared  
16. Kogi Fire Service Agency Cleared  
17. House of Assembly Cleared  
18. Government House Cleared  
19. Christian Pilgrim Board Cleared  
20. Board of Internal Revenue Cleared  
21. Agro Allied Cleared  
22. Adult & Non Formal Education Cleared  

19 thoughts on “Kogi Screening Report; Lists of Cleared Civil Servants (First Batch)

  1. Oluwaseun

    Gov. Yahaya Bello should allow these civil servant to return to their duty post for God sake and stop all this delay tactics.

  2. Anonymous

    Gov. Bello has no conscience @ all, people are dying, all schools closed, Allah will shally pay him visit

  3. akpa emmanuel

    No ministry of education and some other parastals at all, Bello how can it take you a whole year to conduct screening and still you still failed?. I don’t blame you, an opportunist will not do anything different.

  4. Usman Adeiza Muhammed Ciroma

    God bless our Dynamic digital Governor, we wish to see smiles in the faces of kogi state civil savants again, and to see our students return to their verious schools again,..

    God Bless GYB

  5. Xxammy

    We are not against this government but Mr Governor people are suffering please pay those who are cleared

  6. ATODO


  7. Usman Baba Abdulmalik

    Governor Yahaya Bello should please have a rethink in the area of civil servants. Many people are suffering. Many are dying of hunger , frustration and lack of medication. The past administrations or Governors conducted screening and were successful. So, GYB should equally deal with the issue of ghost workers only. Why are you bent on retrenchment ? Pensioners who served Government and retired have been labeled uncleared by your government. Why this wicked and ungodly act ? What will be your own benefit if u retrench thousand s of people and render them homeless, hopeless and helpless? Please, it will never be a Fairplus for you . Already, people are dying of hunger under your government and you are happy. How are you going to account for these cruelty act in the hereafter ? Please, try to revert.

  8. Oladimeji Abolaji

    GYB . God who put you there knows how to remove you………..be warned……..

  9. ali

    i have never met an honest civil servant like my father, served for good 32 years without a single query. yet kogi state government have decided to punish him for 6 months without his pension. but why????

  10. Micheal Yusuf

    Gyb,why This Punishment Just Take A Luk At Our People They Re All Dying Just Becos Dey Is No Salary,pls Governor Yahaya Bello Pay Our Teacher Pay Them Their Salary.

  11. John

    Good morning I was supprise seeing this list online, are the screening committee or the Governor say the people that have work and retired are still not clear, I have someone that his name did not come out on cleared list and uncleared list so were did the name enter, they are saying first batch, are they student looking for admission or wat. So now for someone to work for 35 year an retired is not cleared. Plz look into it very well. But the Governor should known that is just for four year, people are suffering and dying in kogi state… Bt judgement on the last day is sure. Thank

  12. yahya Gogoviri yusuf

    my good people of kogi state.please let’s committed to prayer,God has power over everything he will surely rescue us from this problem.he will guide and direct our governor to the right part.hmmmmm we need prayer for kogi state and our leaders.his Excellency is our leader take it or not,don’t insult your leader because it is against the norms of the religion.God will touch his mind to reconsider those who are affected.May God help us.i stand for the truth not side

  13. alex

    In as much as democracy is said to be the government of the people by the people,Mr Bello has negated this concept by playing the game all alone as far as this screening is concened.He has refused to listen to the views of the majority and closed his ears and eyes against the same people that supported late Alhaji Abubakar Audu whom he inherited his votes after his death.Remember very soon local government election may be holding and the people would then use their franchise to vote against the ills of this your heartless exercise,called screening
    And is like Yahaya Bello is only determined to rule Kogi state for only one term.Supposing there is a plan for second term he would have be ruling the state with human face,
    AYB is advised to publicly appologise to the people over this screeningr policy implementation failure to enable the state move along with all others developmental.

  14. Pst Idakwo Bala Isaiah

    Is unfortunate for somebody rightly employed to be dismissed because he or she is not employed with the right grade, whose fault?.Somebody with NCE was employed with grade 5 and is dismissed for the wrong grade,.Our state needs God’s mercy else we will see judgement we can’t explain

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