Kabba Bunu Administrator Takes Development to Rural Areas

A critical review of the development trajectory of the present administration of Hon. Moses Olorunleke in Kabba/Bunu LGA points to the fact that the apogee of its policy thrust centres on rural development.
Unlike in the previous administrations when development seemed to be concentrated in the urban areas, Hon. Moses has made giant strides towards advancing good governance and socio-economic development in the rural areas. The Administrator’s vision is anchored on the fact that the majority of the people reside in the rural areas and pass through bitter experiences in their daily struggles to survive because of dearth of infrastructure and other basic amenities.
Hon. Moses, a grassroots politician who values the people and appreciates their worth in a true democratic setting where power belongs to the people, his decision to focus development on the rural areas is not only apt but also central to the vision and progress of his administration.
As an empathetic leader who feels the pains the people at the grassroots are going through, his development agenda in the rural areas has no doubt given the rural dwellers a sense of belonging and rekindled their confidence in participatory democracy. It has also given credence to his vision to recommit himself “to employment generation, enhanced social services and good governance, rural development and indeed, security and justice,” in an atmosphere of peace and harmony.
The Administrator’s grassroots development vision, aimed at taking development to the door steps of the rural dwellers, is not only a paradigm of visionary and all-inclusive leadership, it also draws analogy to his vision to “deploy government services to create fair and equal opportunity for every willing citizen to make a living and create wealth, educate our children, and enjoy life in a peaceful and secure environment.”
Consequently, one may not be surprised to note that most of the development projects being undertaken by the present administration in Kabba/Bunu LGA such as grading of roads, educational support programmes for public schools,  maintenance of water facilities, renovation of the Local Government secretariat, healthcare delivery, agricultural projects, repair of long-abandoned government vehicles, renovation/electrification of government buildings, women empowerment, youth emancipation, financial aid to different communities, groups, associations, union, religious societies, among others, most of which are based in the rural areas.
His administration’s vision to open up rural areas for rapid socio-economic growth and link up communities with quality road network and basic amenities, in spite of the daunting economic challenges, is no doubt a sign of good governance and a step in the right direction. The Administrator has embarked on massive rehabilitation of more roads in the rural areas than in the urban areas.
It is, therefore, the responsibility of the public to appreciate and support the lofty vision of Hon. Moses as he transforms the core of the rural areas into modernity using critical infrastructure. This will greatly aid the people at the grassroots to enjoy the full dividends of democracy.
– Ogbeni Oladele Samuel
Media and Publicity Adviser
Kabba/Bunu LGA.

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