Emerging Facts Shows Hon. Halims Will Be on 2019 Election Ballot Paper


By Comrade Nasir.

As the show down for the much talked about 2019 general elections deepens in terms of permutations and politicking, there are emerging facts that Hon. Abdullahi Ibrahim Ali, popularly known as Halims, is set to run for an elective office.

Halims is no doubt an enigmatic figure chiefly known for his antecedents in dogged fights and social development frontier in the Kogi state political terrain. A former house of assembly member representing Ankpa 1 constituency and two times house of representatives hopeful for the Ankpa, Omala and Olamaboro federal constituency.

It will be recalled that Halims single-handedly brought a serving representative and son of a former governor of Kogi state, Hon Muhammed Ibrahim Idris, to his knees in a keenly contested 2015 PDP primaries before losing the main election based on what many political analysts credited to the Buhari/APC hurricane.

Whereas he is yet to publicly declare his intentions to run for any political office by 2019, there have been a series of clarion calls, online plea and opinion feels for him to join the race for 2019 elections owing to his proven leadership prowess and outstanding credentials of good governance.

In addition to the foregoing signals, there have been serious pressure on the successful entrepreneur turned politician from his supporters and erstwhile political associates whom are now in the All Progressive Congress (APC) urging him to join the ruling party which presently hold the fulcrum of active politics. Moreover, been that the All Progressive Congress has outgrown the popularity of PDP in the Igala speaking Ankpa Federal axis, a cross over is inevitably the best option should he chose to contest anything.

Whether or not he is warming up remains a matter to be determined with time as the incumbent seem not to be just docile at the house of representatives but increasingly losing approval rating of constituents recently.