Delayed Salaries: Kogi Auditor General Blames LG Staff


The Kogi State Auditor General for Local Governments, Ahmed Usman Ododo, has shifted blames for delay in payment of salaries at local government areas in the state on questionable activities of certain staff members.

Ododo, who disclosed the information while speaking about issues militating against the state’s civil service restructuring on Monday in Lokoja, said that refusal of the local government staff to furnish his office with certain documents was the key reason for delay in effecting three months back pay for civil servants at that level.

“We, the citizens, are the real problem of this state, not the leaders,” Ododo said. “It took them a long time to release to us the information we requested for in the approved format. As we speak, some are yet to send us what we need to prepare their salaries.

“Two weeks ago, we asked all the staff at the Local Government Education Authority to send us the list of their staff that have work schedules. Up until this moment, none have complied. So, how do we pay them?”

The Auditor added that cleared teachers at local government level have been paid, in addition to 14 local council staff.

The LGAs paid include Dekina, Okene, Yagba East, Yagba West, Ankpa, Adavi, Ofu, Omala, Lokoja, Ijumu, Mopa Amuro, Idah, Ajaokuta, and Okehi. He reinstated that 48 out of 55 Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the state have also been paid, while 4280 pensioners would be getting their money latest by Tuesday, June 28th

18 thoughts on “Delayed Salaries: Kogi Auditor General Blames LG Staff

  1. Monday Yakubu

    How did we get to a point where almost all our political officer holders have become infested with the spirit of lies and deceit?

  2. 'yemisi

    Pls Mr auditor-general sir,not all cleared teachers in okehi has been paid of which am one

  3. 'yemisi

    Mr auditor general sir,not all cleared teachers in okehi has been paid the salary of which am one. Pls look into it sir.


    I strongly disagreed with you pls what of those who received account number and no alert or those who’s name appeared on the screening list without alert I want you to clarify

  5. solomon

    Your comment… the auditor general of local government, has no conscience and he his a pathological liar, why lying against the the staffers of the LGEA,when u know that you are the devil bewitching them, pls pay them and stop giving lame excuses, heartless soul. The All might Allah will visit and punish all government political appointees, that is causing this untold hardship on both state and local government workers in Kogi state.

  6. Janet

    you people incharge of these regime will work but Neva eat the fruit of your work, you will be inside askn wat s happening outside cuz u hve make yagba west suffer a lot,dis has result to alot of death rate in thes area,,, local government work are being owned more than 18month salary nd NW Yahaya Bello is playin them again, if u toy wit dem all ur investment will die befor u

  7. Enape paul

    Here is free posting, u can be here nd judge mr governor nd de auditor general, wat am i try to say is dat people around dem ar de worst problem… Mr gov nd auditor general i appreciate ur works… May u liv long on dat throne…… 08104224697

  8. Engr Jacobs S.I.

    What you are saying is nothing but a well articulated LIE. Change your ways or you will perish.

  9. Usman Ahmad

    sir,be Allah fearing soul because verily All mighty is there to judge all your, initially we admired your style of administration until when some people to look in to what they don’t have the knowledge of you call them screening committee emerging people that don’t knew the different between debit and credit entry. where somebody that is screening of account don’t have any experience about account sorry if I say this they are not competent.

  10. ajayi elizabeth

    sir you are good man and a man of peace.i do hear of your good work but we the pensioner children’s are suffering please sir we need your help we cant meet up in school again due to tuition fees.we are beging.

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