Day 10: Harnessing Bunu’s Forest for Youth Empowerment

The worth of a man is not a measure of size, height, weight, body mass, complexion, inherent genetic combinations or racial differences, but the ability to harness opportunities in the environment to solve needs through knowledge and experience acquired over the years as necessity they say is the mother of invention.
It saddens my heart when I see global opportunities for huge revenue generation wasting away. We are living in a complete world and whatever man needs to live a pleasurable and comfortable life had been provided for from creation. Among such blessings is the massive forest of valuable economic woods in Bunu Land. But the story is saddening considering the standard of living of  people in Bunuland whose lives and existence depend on the timber business.
Considering the neglect of the Bunu district which comprises of 40 villages and towns, aside farming, forestry business ranging from planting, felling and trading of trees for commercial purposes can help raise the standard of living in this region.
Rather than outrightly banning forestry business that has empowered the bunu youths so well, *Government should
provide training and help youth engage in the business in accordance with global practices.* In doing this, consideration must be given to environmental impacts that could result from these activities deliberate actions taken to forestall degradation and global warming.
The timber business can enhance viable economic growth of any nation and equally create a peaceful society void of crime and thuggery given the fact that the youths will be gainfully engaged.
While the timber business flourished, Bunu youths became self reliant, self developed, and self confident both financially, socially and mentally just as the government was also raking in commensurate revenue.
Having been abandoned, marginalized, rejected and forsaken as a district of 40 towns and villages where there is no higher school of learning, modern educational facilities, good road network, availability of water supply, electricity etc our last hope of survival is farming and FORESTRY BUSINESS.
Bunu people are very hardworking, energetic, resilient and educated people who grab opportunities with both hands as they come.
– Omofa John writes from Bunu.